PR Intern

Currently Seeking:

  • strong PR student(s) — to assist with overall organization, and media outreach
  • journalism majors and good copyeditors — to help with our monthly magazine,, and our other publications
  • PR students with an interest in history — to assist with

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong written and oral communications skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress, QuarkXpress
  • Knowledge of AP style.
  • Highly self-motivated, ability to multitask, innate desire to learn, and ability to work from a remote location.
  • A student pursuing a degree in PR, journalism, communications.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter, resume and writing samples to Hope Katz Gibbs, president and founder of Inkandescent Public Relations, at

Because our curriculum is designed to have interns learn, and master, the basics of PR, marketing, and business strategy, they report that they learn more than expected, and have the opportunity to try their hand in the PR and marketing field in an insightful and effective manner. We have hired several interns to work as editorial assistants at the end of the program. Learn more about the firm at; and more about the internship program at

Student Testimonials:

“Working with Inkandescent Public Relations has given me real, hands-on experience with what it means to work as a public relations professional. In working directly with Hope Katz Gibbs, the company’s founder and president, I was able to see exactly what is expected and necessary to succeed in the field. Hope gives her interns legitimate and worthwhile assignments, lets them succeed or fail based on their own merits, and then takes the crucial step of discussing with them what they’ve done well and what needs improvement. One of the key tenants of Inkandescent PR is the importance of paying things forward and believing in your clients, a belief that Hope extends in full to the interns that she takes on.” – Jonathan Nichols, May 2016 graduate, VCU

“Working with Hope, not only have I learned how to start projects, but more importantly finish them. I applied to work with Hope on BeInkandescent online magazine, and was offered my own radio Show, “The Millennials”. Every week the other interns and I cherished the freedom we had to directly interact with each other and Hope, herself, around the versatile company table. We brainstormed, discussed, and even vented our opinions to produce thought-provoking radio and column topics, for a larger, much broader audience. Certainly I am gaining necessary professional experience by directly working with Hope, but more importantly, I am learning how to make intuitive decisions that will lead me to a bigger, brighter future.” – Eurah Lee, December 2015 graduate, VCU

“Working at Inkandescent has taught me so much in the last 4 months. After graduating form the school of mass communications I was worried about what the real world would hold for me. Hope and Inkandescent have shown me that I am prepared, and i have been given me plenty of chances to put what I learned to the test, and gain a great deal of experience. I am lucky to have found such a great internship which continues to teach me and help me grow post graduation. – Juliana Rodriguez, December 2014 graduate, VCU

About Inkandescent Public Relations: We are a full-service PR, marketing, publishing, and website design firm that gets entrepreneurs the visibility they need to showcase their expertise — and spread the good word to reporters and customer. In addition to developing beautiful and effective websites that are elegant, well organized, and packed with information, we also write and design high-end marketing materials, ads, articles, blogs, and white papers. And, of course, we get our clients featured regularly in some of the nation’s top newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows, and social media sites. Learn more at