Alice Waagen, PhD, president, Workforce Learning

Hope Katz Gibbs is an invaluable asset for my business. Before I started working with Hope, my marketing and PR efforts consisted of a lot of disjointed activities. I now have a coordinated plan that includes a new website, bi-monthly newsletter, and press mentions. I am proud to say that I am viewed as a credible, reliable source. Hope has boundless energy and enthusiasm for her work, and has helped me accomplish in six months what I have not been able to do in five years. — www.workforcelearning.com

Angela C. Sontheimer, Managing Director, The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

Hope was just what the doctor ordered for our company. It is refreshing to work with someone who is honestly as excited as we are about our business. We were very impressed with her ability to not only take creativity to a new level but also to truly understand the nature of what we do. She embodies both the personal and professional skills to be able to passionately promote us. Hiring her was one of the better business decisions we’ve made since the inception of our firm. — www.lincolnleadershipinstitute.com

Ann Monday, Superintendent, City of Fairfax Schools

Hope Katz Gibbs is a highly responsive and exceptionally intelligent communications specialist. In this capacity for the City of Fairfax Schools, she has produced the award-winning newsletter, Close-Up since 2002. Through them, she has increased public awareness and understanding of various issues by presenting educational topics in clear language with interesting and authentic examples. Our newsletter helps inform our diverse community about our schools and has promoted public support for them. — www.cityoffairfaxschools.org

Ann Wyllie, GED Chief Examiner, Fairfax County Public Schools

We are thrilled about the response we’ve gotten to the website Inkandescent PR built for us. It explains what students need to do to get their GED , and it sends the message that it takes guts to go back to school as an adult to get your high school credential. It’s just what we were hoping for. — www.fcpsged.org

Barbara Mitchell, co-author, The Essential HR Handbook

Hope is a delight to work with. She is extremely creative and is always challenging us to consider new ideas and to move beyond where we would have gone on our own! She is responsive, deadline-oriented and constantly exceeds my expectations of the role of a publicist. I highly recommend Hope to anyone thinking of moving their business beyond where they are today — she has the ideas to help you get there. — www.theessentialhrhandbook.com

Brook Edinger, founder, Edinger Associates

We value Hope’s thoughtful assistance and advice. She finds great ways to help us let people know about our business and experience, and makes us look a lot better than we could ourselves. It’s a pleasure to work with her and her team

Chefs Kim and Edgar Alvarez, owners, Avenida Restaurant

We couldn’t be happier with the logo and website that Inkandescent PR designed for our restaurant, Avenida. Designer and illustrator Michael Gibbs did a fabulous job creating an icon for us, which captures the essence of our Guatemalan roots. It is clever, colorful, and has a tiny bit of whimsy. Our website is not only beautiful, but it is incredibly functional and useful. Our customers tell us that they regularly go there for information about our menu and specials. We couldn’t have hoped for more. — www.avenidarestaurant.com

Chef Stephen Sands, owner, Culinaria Cooking School

When we began our business three years ago, my business partner, Pete Snaith, and I wanted to work with a PR firm where the owner was aware of the markets in our area, and someone was available to meet with us in person when issues arose. It took a while to find the right firm, but in 2010 we connected Hope Katz Gibbs of Inkandescent PR. Immediately, she aided us in planning and developing a marketing strategy and PR plan. In the last year, Hope has been an invaluable asset—but more than that, she has become a wonderful friend. She has incredible enthusiasm for our cooking school, and has kept us on track and helped us to grow our business. Hope is wonderful to work with, extremely gifted at her craft, and an excellent resource for marketing and public relations. We gained more in six months under Hope’s guidance than we have in the past three years. — www.culinariacookingschool.com

Chris Carbone, director, Social Technologies

Hope was able to forge relationships with members of the media for our company from the first day we hired her. From reporters at trade publications to TV producers at national morning shows, she had them hooked on our company’s concept and content. Most importantly, she was able to translate our research—which was sometimes absract and technical in nature—into news that journalist wanted to cover. It didn’t take long until those reporters were regularly calling us, rather than the other way around. — www.socialtechnologies.com

Courtney Scott, manager, La Strada Restaurant

Hope is wonderful to work with. She is always coming up with new and refreshing ideas, and she is extremely well connected in this big town. If you need to get the word out, she’s your woman. — www.lastrada-ontheave.com

Dr. John Jones, owner and medical director, Simplicity Urgent Care

About a year ago, my partner and I decided we wanted to open an urgent care center. Medical school teaches you how to take care of patients but not how to start a business. We realized quite rapidly that we had no idea how to spread the word about our vision of providing a new type care. After a crash course in marketing, we discovered that we needed the specialization of an in-house marketing department, but our business wasn’t of a size in which we could afford it. Enter Hope Gibbs from Inkandescent Public Relations. In one short meeting with Hope, we realized that she had the expertise and infrastructure in place to provide us with an in-house marketing department at a fraction of the cost. She understood that we were on a fixed budget and helped us plan what was the most efficient use of our (limited) marketing dollars. We felt very comfortable from the first meeting that Hope got what it meant to be an entrepreneur and tailored the marketing plan to us. She helped us acquire editorial space in local newspapers, coordinate ad space in other newspapers, create a e-newsletter, and organize a grand opening through the Chamber of Commerce. We have been thrilled with the advice and hard work Hope has provided us on our fledging business. We look forward to Hope continuing to help us spread the word of urgent care in Washington, DC. — www.simplicityurgentcare.com

Dr. John Maguire, owner, Simplicity Urgent Care

Hope Katz Gibbs and her team at Inkandescent Public Relations have been a tremendous asset in helping us to grow Simplicity Urgent Care, the acute care clinic that I opened with my business partner, Dr. John Jones, in November 2010. She thinks outside the box and is always three steps ahead. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is pervasive. Additionally, she has been very sensitive to our issues that exist as a ‘start up’ including cash flow, busy schedules, facility plumbing problems and all of the stressors that exist for a new business. Bottom line, she is great! Our business has not stopped growing since the day we opened. — www.simplicityurgentcare.com

Gio Van Remortel, futurist, Social Technologies

Hope is one of the most talented people I have worked with. She has a great ability to translate technical material and make it clear and compelling to the outside world. She also a natural people person who can build relationships almost seamlessly. Hope is very good at what she does. Our successes is a testament to her capabilities. — www.socialtechnologies.com

Janice Miller, chairman, City of Fairfax School Board

I am honored to recognize the service of Hope Katz Gibbs to the City of Fairfax Schools. Hope began working for the City Schools in 2002. She joined then Superintendent George Staff and other staff and School Board members in their efforts to get community support for the renovations of Lanier Middle School and Fairfax High School. Hope developed a City Schools Newsmagazine, CloseUp, which was sent bimonthly to 14,000 residents and businesses in the City. CloseUp received six awards for writing and design from the National School Publications Association. This quality publication, along with other outreach to the community, is credited with leading to the passage of the 2004 School Bond referendum with 81% of voters supporting funding the renovations of our schools. Hope continued to provide information to the community about our schools through CloseUp. When the School Board had to cut its budget in 2009, she transitioned from a print magazine that was mailed out to its current online format. Hope also was responsible for the creation of a more dynamic and interesting City School Website. She has been a strong promoter of our schools and helped our Board and staff be effective communicators through changing times. We hate to say good-bye to Hope, but recognize how much time her successful public relations business demands. Hope made a wonderful contribution to the City of Fairfax Schools and has many friends in the City. We have appreciated her intelligence and creativity. We wish her nothing but continued success as a businesswoman, wife and mother.

John Hasenberg, MorganStanley SmithBarney, The Hasenberg Hartsock Group

Hope Gibbs of Inkandescent PR is an enthusiastic and creative public relations guru whose insights improved the image of our website and newsletter. She has great ideas for getting your message out to the world and increasing your visibility in the
market place. She is accessible at all times, very responsive, and has extremely quick turnaround. My partners and I feel that Hope has added great value to our firm. — fa.smithbarney.com/thehasenberghartsockgroup

Jennifer Smith, owner, Smith Fairfield Events

I had the pleasure of working with Hope Katz Gibbs on the 2010 Dare to Dream Gala for the Networking for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Hope was highly organized, knew how to strategically position the client, and really generated an incredible “buzz” for the event. That’s not an easy thing to do in today’s saturated media marketplace. It is her dedication and heartfelt passion for helping others that makes her truly stand out among the rest. She’s the definition of giving 110 percent. Hope is truly an amazing woman. — www.smithfairfield.com

Linda Rahal, attorney / owner / shareholder, Trow & Rahal, PC

Hope Gibbs of Inkandescent PR is an enthusiastic and creative public relations guru whose insights improved the image of our website and newsletter. She has great ideas for getting your message out to the world and increasing your visibility in the market place. She is accessible at all times, very responsive and has extremely quick turnaround. We feel that Hope has added great value to our firm. — www.trowrahal.com

Perry Pidgeon Hooks, Loretta Yenson, owners, Hooks Book Events

Hope Katz Gibbs was an answer to our entrepreneurial prayers! She fell out of the sky at a book event in early December 2008, and within one week we had a partnership. By January 3, 2009, the day before a big article came out about us in The Washington Post Magazine, she and her team helped us launch a brand new website that gave us the corporate identity we were looking for. Soon after, we sold an event off of our new site that paid for our initial investment. Hope is full of new ideas and energy. She is a fierce defender for her clients, and works tirelessly on their behalf. — www.hooksbookevents.com

Peter Noonan, assistant superintendent of instructional services, Fairfax County Public Schools

I have had the opportunity of working with Hope Gibbs since 2002. She has a tremendous ability to interpret and understand what others are trying to communicate. Her creative imagination goes beyond the customary standards in developing and promoting information. In addition to her strong work ethic, she brings conviction and passion to her commitments. I highly recommend her services. — www.fcps.edu

Roxanne Rukowicz Ladd, Principal, Behind the Scenes Events

Inkandescent Public Relations has proven itself an indispensable partner in helping me to grow my firm. Not only are Hope Katz Gibbs and her team experts in their field, they have also distinguished themselves through the highly personalized approach they take to marketing and PR outreach. Their team is excited about the work we do at Behind the Scenes, and our success is very much a priority for them. Inkandescent PR is creative, innovative, hard-working and fun, and a wonderful complement to our team. — www.behindthescenesdc.com

Scott Cohen, CFO, Golden & Cohen

Our PR consultant Hope Katz Gibbs has done great things for us getting us in publications, getting us quoted and re-vamping our website. She is truly excellent at what she does. In fact, she coordinated the 2008 DC Health Summit for us, and made that an event that exceeded our expectations. She is worth every penny. — www.golden-cohen.com

Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell, co-authors, The Essential HR Handbook

The best business decision I made this year was to call Hope Katz Gibbs. She listened, asked relevant questions, then offered expert guidance that reflects her wealth of knowledge about PR. She offered invaluable recommendations to help my co-author and I get the word out about our new book and my consulting practice. Her work for us has resulted in increased book sales and more referrals for my business. Hope is creative, practical, and a delight to work with. She has terrific writing skills and incredible insights into an industry I knew nothing about. We couldn’t have done it without her. — www.sharonarmstrongandassociates.com