Our Services

Our team of creative professionals pride themselves on creating the highest quality marketing materials, PR campaigns, and publications that are interesting, innovative, and poignant.

Public Relations: Press releases, blogs, placed articles, websites, YouTube videos.
Media Relations: We reach out to reporters at national pubs, radio and TV news shows.
Marketing: Brochures, business cards, event materials, logos, menus, postcards.
Publications: Newsletters, online e-newsletters, magazines, articles.
Book Publishing: We’ll co-author, edit, and design our client’s books.
Events: We coordinate venue, photos, videographer, food, marketing materials, more.

Illustration & Design

Our art director Michael Gibbs has been an Illustrator and designer since the early ’80s. His award-winning artwork has appeared in publications ranging from Newsweek, Time, and The New York Times, to the Harvard Business Review, United Airlines, Verizon, and Oracle. Michael is available to design corporate identities — from logos to business cards and brochures, websites, newsletters and book covers, as well as commission illustrations. View his portfolio at www.michaelgibbs.com.

Website Development

Creating dynamic, engaging websites is often the first step in the process of working with a new client. Having built dozens of websites together since founding Inkandescent PR in 2008, our award-winning designers begin the process by creating award-winning designs. Journalist and author Hope Gibbs then craft the text on the site, and makes sure the layout is appealing and informative for customers and reporters. Our web developer Max Kukoy then programs the site, which are database-driven and can be e-commerce enabled. Scroll down to see the work we have done for our clients.


Our clients often ask us if, and how, blogs can be useful. Although we discourage, “this is what I had for breakfast” types of entries, we do feel that when written well, blogs can provide customers with insights into a CEOs expertise and point of view. Ultimately gives a potential customer insight into how you can be of assistance. Following are a few examples of innovative ways to use this tool to get the word out.

Brochures / Marketing Materials

Although everything seems to be presented in a virtual, online format, there’s still merit to handing a potential client an impressive brochure. These printed materials not only serve to show clients the services and features that your firm offers, it acts as a reminder that you are ready and willing to provide a useful service. At Inkandescent PR, we have had success developing brochures and other marketing materials for the firms shown below. Call us today for pricing for your brochure and other marketing materials. (Also: Check out the examples of the several Corporate Identity packages that we’ve created.)


Inkandescent Books is an exciting publishing venture where our team puts its creative service to work to co-author, edit, design, print, and do PR about our clients’ new books through our publishing firm, Inkandescent Publishing.

Corporate Identity

Image is everything. That is why the Inkandescent Team provides customers with elegant high-end marketing materials — including logos, business cards, stationery, brochures, postcards, posters, menus, and more. What image does your company want to present to clients? Let us help you take it the next level. For details, contact Hope Katz Gibbs, hope@inkandescentpr.com.


Want to host an event but don’t know how to go from having a great idea to a successful affair? Our team starts by helping clients strategize about their goals, then books the venue, finds the perfect moderator and panel, arranges for a photographer, videographer, the food and decor, creates marketing materials, and conducts a PR campaign (complete with a website, press releases, and more) to make it an event to remember.


Our team of writers and designers has worked as journalists for decades, and we bring our decades of experience to the work we do for our clients. Creating well-written, interesting, and engaging monthly (and sometimes weekly) newsletters is the key to getting the word out to clients on a regular basis. It not only shows them your expertise and keeps them abreast of the good work you are doing — it reminds them of your work, which will encourage them to reach out to you. Whether it be a brief and simple 3-article newsletter, or a multi-page blast packed with thought-provoking articles, these newsletters are an effective way to drive business to your firm. Scroll down for examples.

Photography & Portraits

In the 20 years that Washington, DC photographer Steve Barrett has been taking pictures, the likes of Michael Jordan, Margaret Thatcher, Hosni Mubarak, Spike Lee and Boris Yeltsin have found their way to the end of his lens. He has photographed George Clooney, James Earl Jones and Bill and Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain. His photos have been featured in Vanity Fair, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, USA Today and Washingtonian, among others business and general interest publications. His easy demeanor and artistic eye have helped him create gorgeous portraits of our Inkandescent PR clients. To schedule a photo shoot, contact Hope@InkandescentPR.com.


Want to get the word out about your company to a larger audience than you’ve been able to reach in the past? Due our experience as reporters, we know how to write and edit articles so they can land on the pages of publications their clients read. We start with a great idea and our client’s expertise. What do you want the world to know?

Press Releases

What makes a good press release? A great story. That’s how we write press releases about our clients’ new books and events, interesting projects, new services, and original ideas. Using our experience as journalists, we pull out the information we know will appeal to other reporters — then pick the important details and write up the press release as we would an article. It’s not a magic formula. It’s simply an authentic, newsworthy approach.


Check out some of these great Inkandescent videos featuring our clients. You can see even more at www.inkandescenttv.com.

White Papers

Although white papers have long been restricted to monstrous position papers published by universities and Fortune 500 corporations, we’ve given the concept a hip, contemporary look and feel. Accessible, interesting, and easy to digest — these white papers help our clients share their important ideas in a pleasing format. Change is good.

In the News

For decades, publicists have prided themselves on getting their clients quoted in the biggest circulation and most popular publications possible. While that’s certainly a focus at Inkandescent Public Relations, we know that times have changed. Going hyper-local is important, as is having a presence in the social media sphere.

While our clients are regularly featured in such newspapers of record as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, US News & World Report, Money magazine, Washington Post, and Philadelphia Inquirer — we also get them quoted in Patch.com, Yahoo.com, AOL.com, and newspapers and magazines that circulate in their communities. Radio and TV is also a popular spot for Inkandescent clients, who have been interviewed on the CBS “Early Show,” NBC News, Fox News, “CNN Money,” “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” and Federal News Radio, among others. Scroll down to see those media mentions.

Inkandescent PR also has thousands of friends, followers, and contacts in the social media world, where we regularly get the word out about our clients. Friend us today: www.facebook.com.

Inkandescent Coaching

Are you afraid of success? If so, you aren’t alone. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Director of DARPA, Dr. Regina Dugan, argued that “you can’t lose your nerve for the big failure, because the nerve you need for the big success is the exact same nerve.”

Dugan sheds light on the discussion of what it takes to get ahead, adds Russell Bishop, an author, consultant and executive coach.

“You do need to be able to stomach the downside potential of any move you make to get ahead, even if it’s as simple and mundane as the risk you assume when you get behind the wheel of your car,” he says. “However, when confronting the myriad challenges we face in life, one oft-overlooked limiting factor might just be what some have called the ‘fear of success.’ Fear of success and fear of failure can be very closely aligned. On the surface, this notion might seem ridiculous — what on Earth could be scary about success? But if you dig a bit below the surface, you might discover some powerfully limiting aspects of your own mindset, of your own approach to life.”

At Inkandescent Coaching, our mission is to help you leapfrog over your fears and embrace the live you’ll love — the one that lives in your business plan, and our heart.

Are you ready to live the life you dream of? Scroll down to learn more. And send an email to hope@inkandescentpr.com to book an appointment.

Reiki by Hope

Take your business to the next level with a hands-on healing session by Reiki Master Hope Katz Gibbs.

About Hope: A journalist, author, and entrepreneur for the last three decades, Hope was certified as a Reiki Master in March 2016 by intuitive guide Eliel Fionn.

A longtime student of metaphysics and the power of the healing arts, Hope has had a daily yoga practice since 1982. She became a certified massage therapist in San Francisco in 1992 where she launched “Touching the Goddess,” where she specialized in pregnancy massage. These modalities and experiences have helped her harness her intuition.

What is Reiki? This healing technique is based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch. In turn, it activates the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restores physical and emotional well-being. Think of it like a deep massage, without the rubbing.

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words:

  • Rei — Defined as the higher intelligence, Rei is a subtle wisdom that permeates everything. In times of need, it acts as a source of guidance in our lives.
  • Ki — This is understood as the non-physical energy that animates us. When a person’s Ki is high, they will feel strong, confident, and ready to enjoy life and take on it’s challenges. When it is low, they will feel weak and are more likely to get sick.

Understanding and embracing the mind-body connection: Reiki practitioners believe that the mind exists not only in the head, but that the nervous system extends to organs and tissues, and subtle energy exists about three feet outside the body, in a person’s aura. So negative thoughts and ideas that are blocking your success and happiness can be found through the body. The good news is that Reiki gives the stuck stuff attention — and can help unblock it. When combined with a discussion about what might be happening in various spots, this non-invasive healing technique can be a useful addition to any wellness regime.

How Hope’s Reiki sessions are organized: Clients lie down clothed on Hope’s massage table. Using Reiki and light massage, Hope places her hands on spots throughout the front and back of the body and assesses the energy flow. She then guides clients to access deeper levels of what might be blocking their success in their lives and businesses.

  • $100 / 1.5 hours, includes:
  • 15-minute aromatherapy foot soak during intake
  • 45 minutes of Reiki with an intuitive reading
  • 30-minute visioning outtake discussion to process the session
  • and, a set of Hope’s Chakra Candles to take home

Book an appointment with Hope: hope@inkandescentpr.com • cell: 703-346-6975

Learn more about Reiki:

If you’d like to go even deeper to clear what is blocking your business growth, check out Hope’s PR and business coaching services at InkandescentCoaching.com, and her book, PR Rules: The Playbook.

Welcome to Soirée at Inkandescent

Soirée at Inkandescent is Richmond’s event space: An intimate venue for dinner parties, cocktail parties, breakfast meetings, lunch, and brunch.

Catered by Gold Medal Chef Terry Johnson, these events range from 12 people seated, to 20 people standing. Catering prices range from $15.95/person to $35/person.

“Soirée at Inkandescent is the perfect place to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge,” says Terry.

See the catering menu here.

  • The space can be rented for $25 / hour.
  • Add in catering for $15.95 to $35 /person.
  • Terry and her business partner, Hope Katz Gibbs, are available to add holistic services to your meeting experience. See additional services here.

For details, and to set up your next meeting, contact Terry at Terry@SoireeInkandescent.com.

About Terry Johnson: In addition to being a Chef, Terry is a certified Reiki practitioner, and has a Voyager Tarot certification issued by Elysian Fields in Sarasota, FL. Learn more here.

About Hope Katz Gibbs: A Reiki Master and massage therapist, in the fall of 2016 Hope will be a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. She is also the owner of InkandescentPR.com, who provides PR, marketing, and social media services to clients. She also specializes in intuitive business coaching. Learn more here.

Inkandescent Learning

Inkandescent™ Learning is the educational division of the Inkandescent Group, LLC.

We provide academic programs (math, science, history, language) to home school students K-12 through quarterly, semester, and year-long classes taught by accredited teachers.

These courses are available in-person at our locations in Northern Virginia, and online — through streaming during the course sessions, and downloadable through our catalog.

Led by our directors of education — Liesel Golden, the school’s principal who is a retired Air Force Colonel who left to home school her twins; and Melanie Downie, the school’s guidance director who is an intelligence expert and currently home school’s her 7th grade son — the organization’s mission is to help all home school families master the roadmap to academic success for their children.

The company’s director of communication is journalist, publicist, author, and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs, founder of InkandescentPR.com. With a masters in educational leadership, and more than a decade working as the communications specialist in the City of Fairfax Schools, she is responsible for our distance learning program and spreading the word about the organization.

In the coming months, the organization will launch its new online magazine for kids, by kids, Be Inkandescent. If you are, have, or know a child who would like to contribute articles, art, photos, and videos — or become a member of our reporter squad, let us know.

Your kids are unique. Their education should be, too! Click here for information about our 2018 camps and classes.


That’s not all!

Our organization also offers engaging week-long classes in the summer, and throughout the year, including:

• So You Want 2 Be A — This series of 5-day classes offers a career-focused curriculum that introduces students to a myriad of career options, including So You Want 2 Be A: journalist, author / illustrator, ambassador, archeologist, architect, lawyer, doctor, military officer, and many more. Throughout the course, students meet professionals in the career by taking a field trip to their workplace, learn the skills needed to work in that career and participate in activities of that profession. They also learn to write scripts and conduct interviews, and on Day 5 participate in a video shoot that is live on InkandescentTV.com.

• This is What Democracy Looks Like — This program teaches students about civics, government, law, and activism; it also introduces them to how democratic countries operate around the world.

• Wellness Institute at Inkandescent™ Learning — This program offers daily classes for students and parents that teach deep stretching, yoga, meditation, and healthful eating.

• Cooking at the Lab — There’s so much to learn from a cooking class that we’ve incorporated this fun, team building session into many of our academic courses. This weekly popular treat where professional chefs come in and teach students, and their parents, to prepare a variety of international dishes. In addition to having a great time, and enjoying a wonderful meal, students learn the math and science of cooking, and get a history / international studies lesson on the region where the recipe originated.

In addition, we offer guidance for parents to ensure that their students are taking the classes they need — and hitting the benchmarks required — to get into the colleges and careers they desire.

Designed by our team of educational advisors — many of whom have had illustrious careers as leaders in the Fairfax County Public School — these Roadmaps to Success include:

  • Roadmap to Home School Success
  • Roadmap to Elementary School Success
  • Roadmap to Middle School Success
  • Roadmap to High School Success

One-on-one coaching sessions with an educational expert are also available.

For more information, contact us at 703-346-6975 / hope@inkandescentpr.com