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BE INKANDESDCENT MAGAZINE: What is the impact of an "Invisible Fence" around America's borders? Immigration attorney Linda Rahal explains.

A Q&A with Immigration Attorney Linda Rahal and Be Inkandescent Magazine’s Editor Hope Katz Gibbs
Be Inkandescent Magazine • May 2010

Linda Rahal is the Chief Operating Officer of the prominent immigration law firm Trow & Rahal in Washington, DC. Since opening its doors in 1993, her firm has been hired to help obtain visas for hundreds of employers who are bringing educated international professionals to work in America.

Linda believes the U.S. government is building an “invisible fence” around our borders. And in her opinion, this is not healthy for the fiscal future of the country.

“If you build a tangible fence with gates, people know there is a barrier to entry and they can plan accordingly if they want to come through,” Linda says. “But if you build an invisible fence, people can’t see it until they crash into it. There’s no way for them to plan or prepare, and so they plan to go elsewhere. That’s the unfortunate situation we are finding ourselves in today.”

The result, she worries, is that a lot of creative and innovative people are being driven away, or are giving up on trying to come to the US, because of a lack of transparency regarding the rules.

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BE INKANDESDCENT MAGAZINE: "Do you have a Roth IRA? If so, the question is: To convert or not to convert," says financial advisor Nancy Hartsock

By Nancy A. Hartsock
Financial Advisor and Financial Planning Specialist
The Hasenberg Hartsock Group at MorganStanley SmithBarney

Be Inkandescent Magazine • May 2010

You may have read that tax law changes went into effect in January that made everyone eligible for a Roth IRA conversion, regardless of income level or tax filing status.

What’s so special about a Roth IRA?

The assets you are working hard to build now will become tax-free income in retirement. Rather than paying taxes when you withdraw the funds in retirement, you pay taxes on the assets when you invest in a Roth IRA.

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Inkandescent PR founder interviews Beverly Cleary for the Costco Connection

April 2010, The Costco Connection — In this month’s Costco Connection, Inkandescent PR founder Hope Katz Gibbs had the privilege of interviewing and writing about beloved children’s book author Beverly Cleary.

Hope writes:

“RAMONA QUIMBY WAS nine years old. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and no cavities,” writes beloved children’s book author Beverly Cleary in the first chapter of her bestseller, Ramona’s World. It chronicles the day our heroine meets her new baby sister, Roberta.

This is one of more than three dozen books penned by Cleary in the more than five decades (her first book, Henry Huggins, was published in 1950; her last was Ramona’s World in 1999) that she has been drawing kids into the adventures of her characters. Klickitat Street, where several of them live, is based on her own childhood neighborhood.

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BE INKANDESDCENT MAGAZINE: John Hasenberg asks, "Do you know where your retirement savings are?"

By John Hasenberg
Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Be Inkandescent Magazine • April 2010

A traditional IRA here. A rollover IRA there. Four job changes (so far!) and three retirement plan account balances left in the plans of former employers.

Over the years, you may have accumulated a significant sum in various retirement accounts. While keeping those assets in various accounts at different financial institutions isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there is a strong case for consolidating them into one account with the same financial institution.

Why Consolidate? Consolidating your retirement savings, where appropriate, offers several benefits.

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BE INKANDESDCENT MAGAZINE: Financial Advisor Nancy Hartsock on the pitfalls of behavioral finance

By Nancy A. Hartsock
Financial Advisor and Financial Planning Specialist
The Hasenberg Hartsock Group at MorganStanley SmithBarney

Be Inkandescent Magazine • March 2010

The severe downturn of the financial markets that began in 2007 has led many investors to question their investment strategies and the choices they made in the past. Investment decisions are among the most important life choices a person can make. They may determine where your children will be able to go to college, when you’ll be able to retire, and the type of lifestyle you’ll enjoy in retirement.

For these reasons, many investors are now re-evaluating strategies, reassessing their tolerance for risk, revisiting asset allocations, and rethinking long-term financial plans.

To make sound decisions in this environment, investors should be aware of their own psychological blind spots. These can lead to persistently poor financial choices — errors that over time, can do significant damage to portfolios.

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Planning a wedding or big party? Go for the National Museum for Women in the Arts

By Roxanne Rukowicz
Founder and Principal
Behind the Scenes Events

One of the most splendid affairs I have helped to plan was a wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. It wasn’t just because the bride was a stunner in her Vera Wang gown, or because the museum is one of the most opulent venues in the area. It was because the museum itself is a celebration of the power of women.

Everywhere that you look in this museum, you’ll find artwork that is a testimony to the joys and heartbreak, trials and tribulations of real women throughout history.

So to host a wedding in this grand building, located at H Street and New York Avenue, is more than an event. It becomes a work of art in itself. Click “Read More” to learn why.

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How can you attain wellness, achieve greater creativity, and tap into our intuition?

When we rang in 2010 at midnight on January 1, I was excited because we were beginning a new decade filled with the opportunity to create a new reality for our work life, love life, and goals for the future. It may sound trite, but just as I always loved the start of a new school year — I love the freshness of a new year for it also gives us the chance to shed our old ideas, pains and failures.

Of course, such a shedding is never easy because it’s far too comfortable to rely on our old habits. But many people come to realize that bettering themselves and living more fully the life they want is not just a nice idea — it is critical to their happiness.

I’ve watched as hundreds of clients struggle with this idea, and as soon as they begin to trust the creative force inside they have new insights into themselves. They realize what is frustrating them, what old memories or beliefs are holding them back. And with this knowledge and understanding, they begin to reshape their world.

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Dr. Celia Im teaches us how to achieve wellness by moving from stress to relaxation.

Before we begin our discussion about how we can find wellness in our lives, I’d like to talk about how music helps us break through blocks that keep us from feeling happy and calm.

Students of music know that the sounds created by instruments and the human voice not only serve to impact our mood — they can be a bridge between the tangible and the intangible. For centuries, music has inspired humanity and the reason is simple.

In its purest form, music is an array of sound waves that form patterns of high and low vibrations that interact with our mind and body. In fact, the music of composers such as Bach and Bela Bartok has long been mathematically analyzed.

Not unlike radio waves or heat waves, sound waves penetrate and impact our physical bodies as well as stirring our mind and soul.

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What's one of DC's most romantic museum spaces to host a party? Roxanne Rukowicz of Behind the Scenes Events shares her secret.

Ask any event planner in DC to name a museum that offers amazing space flexibility and most will point you toward The Corcoran Gallery of Art. Why? We love a blank canvas. The grand marble foyer lends itself to endless possibilities with decor and lighting and the space can seemingly be cut to be as big or as small as you need it — perfect for an elegant and romantic wedding, beautiful luncheon or black tie affair.

Plus there are other things on its side like location, location, location. “The Corcoran sits across from the South Lawn of the White House at 500 17th St., NW,” says Roxanne. “Its spectacular beaux-arts design holds a prestigious permanent collection of American art and the museum also hosts notable exhibits, which makes it a favorite venue for many of Washington, DC’s corporate and social events.”

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The value of getting personal with your clients

You’ve heard it said a thousand times: “This is business, not personal.” That infamous mantra from “The Godfather” has always rankled me. Maybe it’s because I’m a believer that if something matters to you, it has to be personal.

Sure, we all strive to increase our revenues and profits, but especially in this sluggish economy it’s not always just about who sells the widget at a lower price. Business is about two people helping each other to solve a problem.

Another lesson I’ve learned from my 15 years in the recruiting business is that people do business with those they like and trust. So short of having a mafia boss to contend with, that requires a deft touch, a little creativity, and the desire to build long-lasting, personal relationships with your clients.

As we near Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips on how you can master the art of getting personal in the professional realm.

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HOPE GIBBS REPORTS: NTSB Chairman Warns 'First Impessions Can Be Wrong'

By Hope Katz Gibbs
The National Press Club
The Wire
Photo by Terry Hill

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Debbie Hersman criticized the way some members of the press cover the aviation and transportation accidents at a Luncheon Nov. 16.

“We understand the need to solve the puzzle in the early hours of an accident, and we know your editors and producers want you to be the first to get the ‘cause’ of the accident, but what is the cost to your credibility if you are the first to get the cause wrong? We have learned from experience that first impressions can be wrong,” she said.

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AGENT'S SALES JOURNAL asks Scott Golden to give the "Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Buy Health Insurance — And What You Can Say to Help Them Reconsider"

By Scott Golden, CFO
Golden & Cohen
November 2009
“View the entire article here”:

Why should individuals rely on a professional to assemble comparisons of various plans only after a fact-finding conversation with the agent? That’s a question that has been raised regularly in my office, especially since the discussion has heated up on health care reform. The reality is that agents like yourself — good ones, at least — are essential and continue to be relevant, for you can bring viable options to the table that the individual may not have otherwise considered.

Why do people need an agent to help find the right policy?

Truth be told, there are some sophisticated, high-tech services out there, and more effective online tools seem to pop up regularly.

However, I have found that using the Web alone usually does not give the individual all the information needed to select the best plan. There is more to the issue than which plan is cheapest. And sometimes, you have to not just read the fine print, but also read between the lines to determine what the plan truly offers.

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HOPE GIBBS REPORTS: U.S. Postal Service in acute financial crisis, Postmaster General says [National Press Club]

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, October 8, 2009 — On today’s National Press Club Wire, Inkandesent PR founder and president Hope Gibbs wrote the featured story about a speech given yesterday at the Club by John Potter, Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service.

She wrote: The 234-year-old U.S. Postal Service is in acute financial crisis, John Potter, the 72nd Postmaster General said Thursday during a National Press Club luncheon. After losing a projected $7 billion in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, Potter said he is working to help the USPS reinvent itself. It won’t be an easy task, as 28 billion fewer pieces of mail were sent last year compared to fiscal year 2008, he said. Potter said that holiday mail, one of the traditionally highest volume periods of the year, was flat last year — and he expects it to be flat this December, as well. In addition to more people using email rather than snail mail, and the lagging economy that is causing fewer people to mail printed ads pieces and other promotional materials, Potter believes the USPS’ deficit also grew out of a three-year-old law that added more than $5 billion to annual costs for prefunding retiree health benefits.

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Placed Article: Sharon Armstrong featured in new book: "42 Rules™ for Driving Success With Books"


WASHINGTON, DC, January 1, 2009 — Insight into how her three books have helped HR expert Sharon Armstrong’s business is featured in a new book released this month entitled, “42 Rules™ for Driving Success With Books,” by Mitchell Levy, publisher of Happy About, a quick2publish book publisher based in Southern California.

“The authors in this book wrote content that allowed them to demonstrate innovation, share their marketing strategy, improve client retention, and share tricks and techniques on using a tool or service,” Levy explains. “The fact that they put this content in a book gave their ideas weight and increased their credibility and reputation. Having the books show up on Amazon, and other bookstores as well as personally delivering their books to clients/prospects really helped to drive the impact of their message.”

Armstrong is the author of three books: The Essential HR Handbook, 2007, Stress-Free Performance Appraisals, and Healing the Canine Within. For Levy’s book, she contributed the text for Chapter 25: Get Immediate Credibilty.

She writes: “I hadn’t planned on writing ‘Stress-Free Performance Appraisals’ back in 2002. But when an agent at Career Press read my first book … she liked it, and thought I could write another one for her. The next one was for HR professionals, and right up my alley … “

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Placed Article: Steven B. Wiley offers insights into business leadership for chapter in new book: "42 Rules™ for Driving Success With Books"

WASHINGTON, DC, January 1, 2009 — Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg president Steven B. Wiley is featured in a new book released this month, “42 Rules™ for Driving Success With Books,” by Mitchell Levy, publisher of Happy About, a quick2print publishing company based in Southern California.

Wiley writes: “I have had the great honor of being invited to speak at some of the biggest organizations and Fortune 500 companies in the world to make presentations based on a book I wrote during the toughest period in my life. It is called ‘The Human Side of High Performance,’ and I am thrilled to say that its message has resonated with some of the most famous, and infamous, leaders of our time who have hired me to speak to their sales teams and managers.”

“I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide I wanted to be a celebrated author and speaker who helps people be more productive and effective as sales and business professionals. I began by trying to help myself.”

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Placed Article: Alice Waagen Writes Featured Post for Employment Crossing

EMPLOYMENT CROSSING, Nov. 1, 2008 — “Know when — and how — to hire the right staff,” is a placed article by Alice Waagen, PhD, president of Workforce Learning. It appeared as the featured HR article on the website Employment Crossing, one of the leading job-opening research companies in the world and the go-to website for executives, administrators, managers, assistants and entry-level workers, providing access to thousands of lucrative job openings in the human resources field.

Alice’s article describes the three steps to hiring success: Know when it’s time, determine what type of help you need, and decide if you should go the full-time-employee or contractor route.

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Placed Article: Great Handmade Gifts Writes Cover Story, Washington Woman

WASHINGTON WOMAN, December 2007 — In placed article by Hope Katz Gibbs, the president and founder Great Handmade Gifts, described the challenges and thrill of starting a new business. Entitled, “Gifts to grow on,” she likens forming her online art / sales company to having a child.

“The idea for Great Handmade Gifts came to me shortly after my husband Mike and I had moved our family from Old Town, Alexandria to western Fairfax County in the summer of 2000,” she recalls. “We came in search of good schools and a house big enough to hold our two children and our two businesses (I have been a freelance writer since 1993, Mike has been a freelance illustrator since 1980). We got all that plus three community pools, two tennis courts, tons of tall trees and lots of nice neighbors. By Christmas I was miserable. I missed the energy and excitement of being near a city. I missed being able to plop my kids in the stroller and walk to a nearby coffee shop or bike down to the river. I wanted to go home. Only, I was home.”

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