Nancy Wigal, owner, SEO Academy

Nancy E. Wigal owns and operates Search Engine Academy Washington DC.

Part of a national firm, her organization that trains and certifies anyone with a website on the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques necessary to have their pages show up higher search results.

“With two, three and five day SEO training and certification courses, as well as customized SEO training packages ranging from four hours to two days, you and your team will learn the latest and most comprehensive ways to increase traffic to your website,” she insists.

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What's The One Thing You Can Count On With SEO?

December 2011, Be Inkandescent magazine — In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), I take comfort in knowing that there is one single thing I can count on—that the processes, techniques, and strategies are constantly evolving, and what Google and other search engines look for on websites today most likely won’t be what they are looking for a few months from now. While this may seem unnerving to some, the truth is that this constant shifting and morphing in the industry helps Web-surfers find the best results they are hunting for. Think of it as the Zen of the Internet.

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The Future of Search Engine Optimization

November 2011, Be Inkandescent magazine — If you look back to what we knew 20 years ago about the Internet and websites, who would have guessed that an information-sharing mechanism would have such a profound impact on our professional and personal lives? Or that this information-sharing vehicle would shape world revolutions, change our shopping habits, and make things obsolete we thought would never end, among other things? Or that it would create entire new job functions and support services? While some folks feel the culture is changing too quickly, Search Engine Optimizers (SEO)—people like me—look forward to the Internet’s future with joy and excitement. We know that what worked last year to get your Web pages ranked higher on the search engines isn’t going to work this year—or next. If there’s one characteristic we SEOers share, it’s that we don’t like being bored. In fact, to be effective in the future, we need to constantly adapt to the searcher’s query requirements and needs. But even with all the changes that happen, there’s one thing that’s going to remain constant in searches: high-quality content that readers want and need. Here’s why.

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Four Tools to Optimize Your Website—For Free

October 2011, Be Inkandescent magazine — It’s no secret that times are tight. The economy has clearly relapsed, and most of my friends, clients, and colleagues are nervous about their business finances. As a fellow business owner, I can relate. Maybe you were thinking about devoting some resources to improving your website’s visibility in search-engine results—and you were negotiating with a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm to assist—but now you’ve determined that money could be better spent on other things, or even just put aside as a cash reserve. The good news is that there are several free tools you can use to push your website pages higher in search results. How can you boost your website visibility?

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Easy Ways to Rock Your Website

September 2011, Be Inkandescent magazine — I always love it when I walk down the busy streets of Washington, DC, and see folks wearing those “Life is good” shirts. It seems to me that the people who sport them truly feel good about life, and it always makes me smile when I see one. It also makes me think: How can we smile and think, “life is good,” when it comes to our websites? It’s not a secret. Quite simply, the key to a great site is great content. The sort that is meaningful, factual, and relevant—and that appears on every single page of your website. Here are some of the basics to get you started.

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Six SEO Tips to Enhance Your Website's Enchantment Factor

August 2011, Be Inkandescent magazine — What have you done to your website to capture, captivate, and beguile your target visitors so they stay on your site longer and read more of your Web pages? Here are six search-engine-optimization (SEO) tips to boost your site’s charm for deeper visits from your target audience.

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