Welcome to Soirée at Inkandescent

Soirée at Inkandescent is Richmond’s event space: An intimate venue for dinner parties, cocktail parties, breakfast meetings, lunch, and brunch.

Catered by Gold Medal Chef Terry Johnson, these events range from 12 people seated, to 20 people standing. Catering prices range from $15.95/person to $35/person.

“Soirée at Inkandescent is the perfect place to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge,” says Terry.

See the catering menu here.

  • The space can be rented for $25 / hour.
  • Add in catering for $15.95 to $35 /person.
  • Terry and her business partner, Hope Katz Gibbs, are available to add holistic services to your meeting experience. See additional services here.

For details, and to set up your next meeting, contact Terry at Terry@SoireeInkandescent.com.

About Terry Johnson: In addition to being a Chef, Terry is a certified Reiki practitioner, and has a Voyager Tarot certification issued by Elysian Fields in Sarasota, FL. Learn more here.

About Hope Katz Gibbs: A Reiki Master and massage therapist, in the fall of 2016 Hope will be a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. She is also the owner of InkandescentPR.com, who provides PR, marketing, and social media services to clients. She also specializes in intuitive business coaching. Learn more here.

Magical Manners: Go Beyond "Please" and "Thank You"

Almost every child of my generation was taught the magical words: Please and Thank You.

This began our lessons on polite interaction in a social setting. Times have changed, but good manners still remain an integral part of a child’s development.

Magical Manners is a course designed to help your child feel comfortable in group dining situations. Your child will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with peers in informal as well as formal settings.
The course will take place on two consecutive Saturdays.

  • Each session is two hours long.
  • The first Saturday will concentrate on informal dining settings and manners relating to dining while standing.
  • The second Saturday session will cover formal seated dining and table settings, and how to interact with serving personnel.
  • On both days, the students will be served lunch as an interactive, hands on learning tool.

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New Moon Dream Circle: Monday, Nov. 2 at 7pm

Please join Soirée at Inkandescent for our first monthly: New Moon Dream Circle

When: Monday, November 2, 2016
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Where: Soirée at Inkandescent
1719 W. Main Street, 2nd Floor, Richmond

“Our Dreams are a way Spirit speaks to us to Guide us in our waking lives,” believes dream symbol interpreter Lady Stearn Robinson, who with intuitive guide Tom Gorbett has long helped people understand the messages offered in our dreams.

To help you dive deeper into your psyche, Voyager Tarot card reader and Reiki practitioner Terry Johnson has begun a monthly Dream Circle that will initiate relationships between like-minded people, and surround participants with light and love.

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Repast at Soirée at Inkandescent

Soirée’s Classically Inspired Modern Cuisine
by Gold Medal Chef Terry Johnson

$15.95 per person

  • Ham, Cheese, and Egg Casserole (Vegetarian Option Available)
  • Assorted Breads
  • Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Coffee and Tea

Lunch or Dinner
$22.95 per person

  • Roasted Free Range Chicken, Skirt Steak, or Poached Salmon
  • Organic Greens Salad with Parmesan Pear Vinaigrette
  • Choice of: Roasted Vegetable Platter or Baked Spinach Ziti
  • Herb and Garlic Paleo Bread , Yeast Bread, and Butter
  • Coffee, Tea, and Brownies

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Reiki and Holistic Healing at Inkandescent

  • Voyager Tarot Readings with Terry: $1 minute (minimum 30 minutes)
  • Reiki Facelift with Terry: 20 minutes, $20
  • Reiki Facelift with energetic healing: 40 minutes, $40
  • 4-hands session with Terry and Hope: 60 minutes, $60
  • One hour Reiki session with Terry: 60 minutes, $65
  • One Hour Reiki session with Hope: 60 minutes, $85 (30 minutes, $50)
  • Foot Soaks in herbal baths: $20
  • Foot Soaks in herbal baths with reflexology massage: 30 minutes, $50

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