This series of guidebooks, maps, and apps is for high school and college students, career changers and bored professionals, looking to make your career dreams come true.

By Journalist Hope Katz Gibbs
Futurist Chris Carbone
and Educator Carole Kihm

Illustrations by Michael Glenwood Gibbs

Dream Big. Plan Ahead. That’s our mantra here at SO YOU WANT TO BE A … headquarters. Our team of futurists, educators, and writers—parents all—are eager to help you make your career dreams come true.

What do you want to be? Actor (director, set designer, costume designer, gaffer, grip best boy) • Artist (illustrator, designer, photographer, curator) • Professional Athlete (coach, agent, trainer, waterboy, • Attorney (DA, judge, paralegal, bailiff, court reporter, bondsman) • Author (editor, agent, book designer, copyeditor) • Chef/Restaurateur (bartender, busboy, bottle washer) • Educator (teacher, guidance counselor, business coach, life coach, professor) • Entrepreneur (CEO, CFO, COO, assistant to Cs) • Fashionista (designer, model, retail store owner) • Financier (financial planner, banker, investor, mortgage broker) • Fitness guru (yoga teacher, trainer, mediation expert, spin class teacher, exercise video star) • Futurist (researcher, data analyst, report writer, trend tracker) • Health Care specialist (doctor, nurse, home health expert) • Journalist (writer, editor, broadcaster, cameraman, photographer) • Musician (roadie, agent, publicist, music teacher) • Politician (political aid, lobbyist, government relations expert) and more!

The series of guidebooks will help you discover:

  • The jobs that will be hot through 2020
  • The amount of cash you can earn in the industry of your dreams
  • Other job opportunities in your chosen profession
  • A list of colleges, universities, and trade schools that will prepare you for your dream career—and how much are they going to cost you
  • What insiders in the field of your dreams think about their jobs: The good, the wild, and the you-might-want-to-rethink this

Scroll down for details on our book series, coming in the summer of 2012. Here’s to your success!

PRESS RELEASE: Understanding the Workforce of the Future: Will You Be Ready?

May 1, 2012, Washington DC — In the May issue of Be Inkandescent magazine, futurist Andy Hines gives us insight into the future of the workforce. He says:

“To make sure we don’t overlook the obvious, the shift to knowledge-based work is the overarching driver behind the changes in the world of work. A big way that is showing up, finally (we futurists can be impatient at times), is that working with digital information frees us from the tyranny of sitting at a desk. No longer do we work only where we need to work—increasingly we are working where we want to work.

“Of course, we know people and organizations tend not to like to change. Inertia is a strong force. But it no longer makes any sense to force people to battle a congested commute to travel downtown, head up to the 35th floor, and spend their whole day working on a phone and computer in an office. That can be done from home, at a coffee shop, or at one of the emerging co-working collectives that serve telecommuters from different organizations. Going to what I call the “glass tube” downtown simply wastes time and energy (gasoline and the emotional sort), and doesn’t help the environment.”

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Where Will You (and Your Kids) Work in 2020 and Beyond?

By Futurist Chris Carbone

Where will you work in 2020? That’s the million-dollar question. In fact, the future of work is one of the hottest trends I am studying. Like the economy, it is one of the big mysteries that keeps us all up at night.

As a futurist, my job is to track international business and consumer trends by reading and analyzing just about anything I can get my hands on. The goal is to determine what the world might look like five, 10, and 20 years down the pike, and by tracking what’s going on today, my colleagues and I are able to forecast what life might look like around the bend.

In fact, my research shows that work will look much different in 2020, whether judged by the types of computing devices we use on the job, where we work, or the way we collaborate with our co-workers. Following are some of the trends that I am seeing.

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Mission & Vision: About the Series

OUR MISSION: Because finding the career of your dreams too often seems like a tight rope walk, we aim to provide students, parents, career changers and bored professionals with a fun-to-use, easy-to-understand series of maps, apps, and books that will a shine light on what you want to do next with your life.

Our research includes:

  • Research and analysis from the data published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics offering details on the Hot Jobs to 2020
  • Details about the best colleges, universities and trade schools offering degrees and certificates required for each profession—and the cost of admission
  • Salary ranges for your dream career
  • In-depth interviews with the professionals in the trenches who tell you the great, good, and icky parts of what it’s like to spend a day in their shoes
  • A list of skills needed for each profession
  • And assessments for the Career Challenged and Career Confident, to help you find the best fit for your skills

OUR VISION: Believe us when we say that we know that finding the perfect career, much less the best place to work, is something you’ll likely wrestle with for your entire adult life. Just ask your parents. And your doctor, lawyer, dentist or vet. And your teachers, the guy who runs your gym, your dry cleaner, and the cute girl who is managing the Starbucks down the street.

The truth is that no matter what you choose to be when you grow up, the process of finding the perfect profession is just the first step. For once you make that choice, there are dozens of possible jobs in hundreds of different cities, in thousands of different companies. And quite honestly, it’s a crap shoot as to which one of those variables will make you happy.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.

What we can, and aim to help you with is sorting through many of the options that are available to you. Armed with a high school degree, and maybe a college diploma or even another piece of sheepskin that shows you really know your stuff—your choices are endless. That’s where the “SO YOU WANT TO BE A…” series comes in.

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What's Cooking: More About Our Team

Meet Our Team:

  • Journalist Hope Katz Gibbs is a mom (Anna, 16, Dylan, 12), author, publisher and the founder of Inkandescent Public Relations
  • Futurist Chris Carbone is a dad (Mia, 3), trend tracker, and thought leader
  • Educator Carole Kihm is the mother of two grown up kids, Keira, 26, and Jonathan, 24), and has spent her life as a guidance counselor and student services director before becoming a middle school principal in Fairfax County VA
  • Illustrator Michael Gibbs is the dad of Anna and Dylan, whose art has graced the covers of dozens of magazines, newspapers, books, websites. Check out his award-winning work on this website, and at and

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