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Are a woman in transition? Are you dealing with shifts in Life, Death, Divorce, Career, or simply coping with all things Hormonal?

If you are nodding your head yes, you are like the hundreds of people I’ve worked with. And when you are in transition it is sometimes tough to handle it on your own.

The good news is that I have found there is a way to grow into a new life — the one you have always dreamed of — with the help of The Voyager Tarot. Designed by “Captain Pick a Card,” James Wanless, this is a beautiful, colorful, inspirational deck of iconic symbols. Learn more about that here.

I am scarlethawkk, a woman who uses her Feminine Intuition, Divine Spirit, and the Voyager Tarot as vehicles for her readings. An ordained Interfaith Minister, I have a talent for unblocking clogged Chakras. I have spent decades studying Dream Interpretation and I was certified to read cards in 2001 at Elysian Fields in Sarasota, Florida. In 2016, I expanded my practice to include Reiki healing.

I’d love to share my insight and gifts with you, using this powerful deck that I have seen open a path to happiness for all who are open to seeing a Way. Used on a regular basis, these cards can lead to an opening and awareness of your Feminine Power.

Join me for a Card Reading, or a remote-healing Reiki Session: 1.00 per minute (most sessions last 30 minutes).

To book an appointment send me an email: scarlethawkk@gmail.com or call my celly at 804-319-6473.

Let’s explore your path forward with Love and Light!

About the Voyager Tarot

Created by James Wanless, The Voyager Tarot deck is a guide to showing you how to achieve your visions and dreams, creating the success you desire.

“Use the deck as an intuitive guide to forecast your future, reveal secrets of you subconscious and provide spiritual inspiration,” James explains. “This excellent decision-making tool can help you navigate life, enhancing business planning, relationship building and self-discovery.”

He notes that even if you have never before delved into the mysteries of the tarot, you’ll find the Voyager Tarot deck enlightening and easy to use. Just by playing with the cards and experiencing the beautiful imagery, you create a space for magic to happen, sparking your imagination and intuition.

How did I get into reading the Voyager Tarot?

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