PRESS RELEASE: Conflict Resolution Expert Lisa McLeod Explains "How I Reframed Paying My Taxes: Why Self-Talk Matters" in the August issue of Be Inandescent Magazine

Arlington, VA, August 20, 2012 — With quarterly taxes due in less than a month, on Sept. 15, conflict resolution expert and author Lisa McLeod asks Do you like paying taxes?

The issue: “I own my own business, which means I write quarterly checks to the IRS,” McLeod explains. “And I confess, in the past I didn’t enjoy paying them. We have a meeting every Friday afternoon to go over the cash flow, the receivables, and the projected revenues. At the top right corner of the report was an account labeled: Taxes.”

The old solution: “I set aside a chunk of every check for taxes so that she won’t come up short at the end of the month. After several years of business ups and downs, this has been our best year ever. I’m grateful. Yet as we made more money, the number in the Taxes account grew bigger, too, and I found myself getting more and more frustrated.”

Try this new solution.

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