Dr. Celia Im, Lighting the Creative Spark

About Lighting the Creative Spark — With a doctorate in Musical Arts under her belt, international award-winning pianist Celia Im decided to use music to help others and in 2003 founded Lighting the Creative Spark, LLC, an innovative company dedicated to helping clients develop their own intuition to enhance their relationships, career and life.

The music (often her own original work) is a tool she uses to engage the active imagination, explains Celia, who has been on the faculty and taught aspiring musicians at George Mason University, University of Maryland and Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. “In my work, I combine an intuitive processes called Music-Evoked Imagery (MEI) with my experience as a performing artist and teacher. It’s very effective because I use my own experiences as a creative person to help others find their creativity. It seems to work as well for artists and musicians as it does for lawyers and bankers.”

How Inkandescent PR Helped — Our initial steps included developing a strategy for Dr. Celia Im to move forward with her innovative concepts. We were proud to see her create the first two in a series of valuable CDs that provides more people access to her music-evoked imagery. We’re looking forward to doing much more work together in 2009!

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How can you attain wellness, achieve greater creativity, and tap into our intuition?

When we rang in 2010 at midnight on January 1, I was excited because we were beginning a new decade filled with the opportunity to create a new reality for our work life, love life, and goals for the future. It may sound trite, but just as I always loved the start of a new school year — I love the freshness of a new year for it also gives us the chance to shed our old ideas, pains and failures.

Of course, such a shedding is never easy because it’s far too comfortable to rely on our old habits. But many people come to realize that bettering themselves and living more fully the life they want is not just a nice idea — it is critical to their happiness.

I’ve watched as hundreds of clients struggle with this idea, and as soon as they begin to trust the creative force inside they have new insights into themselves. They realize what is frustrating them, what old memories or beliefs are holding them back. And with this knowledge and understanding, they begin to reshape their world.

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Dr. Celia Im teaches us how to achieve wellness by moving from stress to relaxation.

Before we begin our discussion about how we can find wellness in our lives, I’d like to talk about how music helps us break through blocks that keep us from feeling happy and calm.

Students of music know that the sounds created by instruments and the human voice not only serve to impact our mood — they can be a bridge between the tangible and the intangible. For centuries, music has inspired humanity and the reason is simple.

In its purest form, music is an array of sound waves that form patterns of high and low vibrations that interact with our mind and body. In fact, the music of composers such as Bach and Bela Bartok has long been mathematically analyzed.

Not unlike radio waves or heat waves, sound waves penetrate and impact our physical bodies as well as stirring our mind and soul.

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Piano Improvisations for Visualization

“This recording represents my learning on my own path to self-discovery,” says Dr. Celia Im of her first CD, Piano Improvisations for Visualization. A classical pianist who has a PhD in music and has taught at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins Univesity and George Mason University. “I offer this CD to help others discover the potential they hold inside.” $20: Order here.

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Piano Improvisations for Courage, Authenticity

In this second CD by Dr. Celia Im, listeners go to a deeper level of understanding. “My goal is to use my music to help people let go of what holds them back so they can tap into their creative genius,” says Celia, a classical pianist who has a PhD in music and has taught at teh Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins Univesity and George Mason University.

In addition to her CDs, Celia has developed a series of personal consultations or coaching sessions that teaches clients to calm the mind and emotions to allow for a deep connection within the body. “This is the key to opening up and finding what truly makes you happy and effective in your life,” Celia says. $20: Buy it here.

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