Dylan Gibbs, 12, Blogs for the Life is good Playmakers about raising $2150

October 31, 2011 — “Dylan Gibbs Raised $2,150 for the Life is good Playmakers — and you can, too!” is the headline on the Life is good Playmakers blog, that appeared as today’s entry.

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To learn more about the Life is good Playmakers, check out our interview with Chief Playmaker, Steve Gross, in the September issue of Be Inkandescent Magazine.

And learn more about the creation, philosophy, and long-term goals of the Boston-based Life is good Company by reading our interview with co-founder, Bert Jacobs, our September Entrepreneur of the Month.

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How many balloons does it take to lift a lawn chair? 7th graders Dylan Gibbs and Luke Ritter find out

In the spirit of play, and learning while you have fun, here’s a 7th grade science project that’s sure to make you grin.

Observation/Research: Lawn chairs look pretty light, and aren’t too hard to pick up. So it makes sense that a bunch of helium balloons can lift one off the ground.

Hypothesis/Prediction: It will 100 helium balloons, blue with green strings, to lift a lawn chair. (We considered doing the project with 99 red balloons, but thought we might want to hold off on that until we actually understood the lyrics to the song.

Experimentation: Check out our 2 minute video, by Dylan’s sister Anna Gibbs, 16, to see if we were right.

What was our conclusion?

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Life is Good Kids Rock & Art Festival & Fundraiser: Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011 from 1-5 p.m. in Arlington VA

September 1, 2011, Washington DC — Bring your creativity. Bring your optimism.

And join us Sunday afternoon, September 18, 2011, for the Life is Good Kids Rock & Art Festival to raise funds for The Life is Good Playmakers Kids Foundation, which helps kids overcome life-threatening challenges.

“I have been raising funds all summer to support this important organization, and even got to interview Bert Jacobs, the founder of The Life is good Company, to talk about more ways to help kids who aren’t as lucky as me and my friends,” says Dylan Gibbs, 12, who is hosting the backyard event. “He suggested that we host a festival with backyard games, art contests, and music, and I thought that would be a fantastic idea. See the photo of me and Bert, below.”

When: The festivities begin at 1 p.m. and go until 5 p.m.

Where: At Dylan’s house (Send us an email for directions.)

Donations: We ask that each attendee make a minimum of a $5 donation to the Life is Good Kids Foundation at the door. (Credit card donations will be uploaded directly to the website upon entry, and your name will be posted on the fundraising website. Cash and checks are accepted. Please make all checks out to the Life is good Playmakers.)

What: Music, arts & crafts, backyard games, treats, and a wine tasting for the adults. We are thrilled to featuring the following:

Music: The day will be filled with music by kid musicians, including teenage phenom Cecelia Jeffrey, 11th grade violinist Anna Gibbs, middle schoolers rockers Muchos Muchos Tacos, and 7th grade guitarist Evie Priestman (see those bios below).

Arts & Crafts: Each participant will be given a large sheet of construction paper and with the provided pens, markers, and crayons will have the opportunity to create their own Life is good artwork. We’ll then tack all of the creations to the front and back of our house to build a giant mural. A panel of artists will then choose their favorite 25 pieces of artwork, which Dylan will deliver to the Chief Playmaker, Steve Gross, at Life is good headquarters in Boston.

Backyard Games by the Boy Scouts: Members of Dylan’s local Boy Scout Troop 106 will be creating and moderating the backyard games, which include sack races, obstacle course, a football toss, hula hoop contest, face painting, and more.

Cookies and Lemonade Stand: Girls who the neighborhood will be raising even more funds at the cookie & lemonade stand they are setting up.

Wine Tasting for the Grown-Ups: Several local wine shops have agreed to donate bottles of wine so the adults can learn about wine. An additional donation of $5 is requested.

Thanks to our Sponsors! We are truly grateful to our sponsors, Arlington’s Arrowine & Cheese, whose owner Doug Rosen graciously donated two cases of wine for our tasting. And Barston’s Child’s Play,”:http://www.barstonschildsplay.com which donated a very special toy for our grand prize.

For details, contact us at by email hope@inkandescentpr.com, and cell at 703 346-6975.

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Thanks to our Sponsor: Barstons Child's Play

About Barstons Child’s Play: This is more than a typical toy store that’s been in business for 25 years. There are 5 locations in the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia area. The shelves are stocked with toys and games, puzzles and trains, books and music, arts and crafts, cards and party costumes, for children of all ages. The store entices customers to meander through its many sections and plenty of informed staff are on hand and willing to assist you-never worry about a Birthday present again.

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Thanks to our Sponsor: Arrowine & Cheese

Arrowine & Cheese: We’re a “neighborhood” store with a national reputation. We taste between 400 and 600 wines a month to select the best wines and wine values for our customers. We travel to the wineries to hand select what we sell. We carry hard-to-find wines with character and uniqueness that speak of the place that they were grown in. Wines that offer “real value.” We support artisan wine makers, organic agriculture and hand harvesting.

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Meet Our Musicians: Violinist Anna Gibbs, 11th grade

Since the 4th grade, high school junior Anna Gibbs has been playing violin.

She credits her wonderful teachers at Union Milll Elementary in Fairfax County, and her private lesson teacher Hailey Rose, for helping her land a seat in the prestigious Chamber Orchestra when she entered Yorktown High in the 9th grade.

Under the tutelage of Maestro Thomas Hartman, she has had tremendous success as a high school violinist, and looks forward to many more years of learning to master the instrument that says, “makes me feel better when I’m sad, makes me happier when I’m happy, and helps me express myself when words just don’t do it.”

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Meet Our Musicians: Singer, songwriter Cecelia Jeffrey, 11th grade

“Cecelia Jeffrey has a soulful vibe and riveting voice,” say critics of this high schooler who has been singing and writing songs since she was old enough to pick up a guitar. Today, she is a testimony to the power of what it means to want something so bad you can taste it.

Her sheer determination, constant practice, and yes — all those music lessons sponsored by her loving parents — have paid off. Cecelia has performed as part of the Fairfax Corner Summer Concert Series, at the Vienna rock club Jammin’ Java, 1st Stage Theater, and the Gibson Guitar Showroom, among other venues.

She has also recorded an EP that is available on i-Tunes. Click inside for links.

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Meet Our Musicians: Evie Priestman, 7th grade singer and guitarist

Evie Priestman is in seventh grade at Gunston Middle School. She taught herself to play the guitar and loves to perform.

This photograph (right) was taken this summer at the Beyond Rock Camp at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

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Meet Our Musicians: 7th grade boy band, Muchos Muchos Tacos

They love tacos. They love to sing. They love to play guitar and drums. What better thing to do than put it all together and form a boy band in North Arlington that celebrates the good stuff in life?

We look forward to welcoming Luke Ritter, Davis Hamlin, Will LaRocca, and Zeb Demspsey to the Life is Good Kids Rock & Art Festival!

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Meet Our Musicians: Guitarist and Singer David Martell, 12th grader

“The Licks. The Life,” by Arlington musicians David Martell and Jamie Troutman is the first from this Arlington band, and can be heard here. Don’t miss their performance on Sept. 18.

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Meet Our Musicians: Guitarists Logan Spicer and Bass Player Alex Cortes

Guitar is a way of life for Logan Spicer, an Arlingtonian who grew up playing his way through school. As a college student, he and his mate, bass player Alex Cortes, charm and delight crowds with their rock covers and original music. We look forward to hearing them play on Sunday, Sept. 18.

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