Judith Peck, fine artist

Born in Brooklyn in 1957, Judith Peck has made it her life’s work to paint about the history and healing of social injustice.

A graduate of the George Washington University with a degree in fine arts, she has exhibited her work in venues nationwide, including the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, GA and the Rhonda Schaller Studio in Chelsea, NY, as well as in such print media as Ori Soltes’ book The Ashen Rainbow: Essays on the Arts and the Holocaust and the San Francisco City Concert Opera Orchestra’s announcement for “Die Weisse Rose.”

For more information visit www.judithpeck.net.

PRESS RELEASE: "Original Position," a new collection by Judith Peck, is up throughout June at the Hillyer Art Space in Washington, DC

Washington DC, April 12, 2010 — Inspired by philosopher John Rawls A Theory of Justice, Vienna, VA fine artist Judith Peck has taken a legal concept and translated it into a powerful series of paintings that will be shown throughout June 2010 at the Hillyer Art Space in downtown Washington, DC.

Peck, who is sister to two lawyers, and mother to an aspiring law student, explains that Rawls ideas spoke to her long-time devotion to painting about social justice issues.

“John Rawls’ thought experiment, using a veil to cloak our knowledge of individual’s attributes, renders us able to effectively consider the interests of all people especially the least advantaged members of society,” Peck shares. “Basically, he asks us to imagine what would happen if societal roles were completely re-fashioned and redistributed, and that from behind your veil of ignorance you do not know what role you will be reassigned. Only then, he believes, can you truly consider the morality of an issue. The metaphor of the veil is a powerful one, and what I use to enable the viewer’s experience in this collection of work.”

Pictured right: Unveiling, 18×24 oil on linen

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Don't miss the show: "Original Position," by Judith Peck

Opening Night: June 4, 2010

A cocktail reception and performance by a local DC band will be held on Friday, June 4, to celebrate the opening of the show at the Hillyer Art Space — 9 Hillyer Court, NW, Washington DC 20008 (phone) 202-338-0680 (email) info@artsandartists.org.

Special viewing and talk by the artist: Saturday, June 5, 5-7 p.m.

On Saturday, June 5 from 5-7 pm, Judith will host a wine and cheese party, which will include a talk by the painter and curator. To attend, contact Judith Peck directly at judithpeck@prodigy.net.

Pictured right: Veiled Theory, 16×20 oil on linen

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"Original Position," by Judith Peck

How the artists makes her magic

When she starts a new painting, Peck applies all of the selected colors and then saturates them with layers of glaze to achieve a luminous vibrancy.

“With jeweled tones and dramatic lighting, I create a presence that can be seen in the figure,” she says. “Captured in their gaze is the knowledge that the person has experienced life fully and has moved beyond life’s challenges. I’ve painted my models to have a glow distinct from the background that might otherwise envelop them.”

Pictured right: Thickest Veil, 18×24 oil on linen

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"Original Position," by Judith Peck

The meaning of veils

“Original Position,” uses the imagery of veils pull viewers in so they can investigate their own ideas about fairness.

“The warmly resonant face on the canvas moves viewers out of complacency and evokes social urgency,” she notes. “The paintings are intimate, and viewed up close create the sense of looking into a mirror to meet eyes that ask inescapable questions. Beauty and pain, life and death, they all come into balance.”

Pictured right: Veiled Identity, 18×24 oil on linen

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"Original Position," by Judith Peck

The mission of “Original Position

The goal of this collection, artist Judith Peck says, is to have the viewer become the philosopher.

“My hope is that they will be drawn into introspection on the meaning and preciousness of life,” she adds. “Art becomes poetry, and poetry stirs into philosophy, leaving the viewer subtly changed.”

Pictured right: Veiled Conscience, 18×24 oil on linen

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"Original Position," by Judith Peck

What people are saying about Judith Peck’s new collection

Judith Peck’s strong, cerebral paintings, are beautifully rendered,” says the show’s curator Roxana Martin.

“The luminous, jeweled colors arrest the eye. The paintings explore issues of fairness and justice and are inspired by John Rawls’ thought experiment. There is a palpable tension in the dialogue between the images and the viewer. This is a worthwhile exhibition.”

Pictured right: Veiled Judgement, 18×24 oil on linen

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"Original Position," by Judith Peck

About Hillyer Art Space

Established in April 2006 as the International Art & Artists’ on-site gallery, Hillyer Art Space serves to better accommodate the local Washington DC arts community. HAS showcases both regional and international exhibitions that feature emerging artists working in a wide array of media. Hillyer Art Space gives their exhibitors extensive creative autonomy in the development of their exhibitions, which results in a diverse display of visions and disciplines. Additionally, the space serves as an open forum for artistic discussions, events, and activities catered to the public. For more information, visit www.artsandartists.org.

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Pictured right: Veiled Gender, 16×24 oil on linen

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