Jo Packham, founder, "Where Women Create"

Jo Packham has been an innovator in the crafts and handmade publishing market for more than 30 years. A successful entrepreneur who has partnered with Stampington & Company, she is now creating a new imprint with Sterling, WWC PRESS.

Packham is the creator and editor-in-chief of three bestselling magazines: Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women, Where Women Cook: The Heart and Soul of Cooking, and Where Women Create BUSINESS: A Passion for Success.

She is also the author of “Where Women Create” (2005), “Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration” (2010), and “Where Women Create: Book of Organization” (2013). She lives in Ogden, Utah.

"Quliters" Gives Color a Brighter Meaning

January 2014, Be Inkandescent magazine — “Every quilt tells a story,” says Jo Packham, author of Quilters, a compilation of the personal experiences of 20 artisans who share their love of textile art.

They open their studios to Packham and photographer Ryne Hazen, to share their love for the creative process of sewing quilts. Plus, readers have access to 80 online quilt patterns to download.

Packham, quoting “The Quilts of Gee’s Band,” says: “Quilting is a white woman’s way of singing the blues.” She knows of what she speaks.

“My practical, patient, and thrifty mother taught me how to sew,” explains Packham. “She showed me how to create a pattern for whatever I either wanted or believed that I needed, and she persistently taught me the lessons of fine handwork. That meant, and still means, plaids perfectly matching at the seams, straight stitching lines, and a back as beautiful as the front—with no exceptions made for haste and no less-than-perfect craftsmanship.

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Does Anything Make You Happier Than Pie?

December 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — What kind of pie conveys the experience of starting a new job, getting married, becoming a mom?

That’s the question author Jo Packham asked when she began gathering 39 of her favorite foodies, who contributed 42 recipes to her delicious masterpiece, “Pie-ography: Where Pie Meets Biography.”

“Each one has devised a pie recipe that captures the essence of her life,” says Packham, the founder of the best-selling magazines, Where Women Cook, Where Women Create, and Where Women Create Business. “Stir in beautiful photography, short essays, and brief bios, and voilá, you’ve got more than a cookbook. From Espresso Dream Pie to Salmon and Spinach Pie, this collection nourishes body and soul.”

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Hope Katz Gibbs to Speak at International Quilt Market and Business Conference — Houston, October 2013

International Quilt Market and Business Conference — Houston 2013

October 26-30, 2013
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas

Sponsored by Jo Packham, founder Where Women Create:

THE SUCCESS OF PASSION: Presentation and Q&A with well known Entrepreneurs in the fields of Design, Publishing, Licensing, Retail owners, and more

  • Friday – October 25th, 8-10 am
  • Monday – October 28th, 9 – 12 pm

THE BUSINESS OF THE STUDIO: Advice and personal questions answered by a: Lawyer, Accountant, Banker, Management Guru, Computer Technician, Business Planner, and others.

  • Saturday – October 26th, 8-10 am
  • Monday – October 28th, 2-5 pm

LET PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU ARE: Information and advice from a: Publicist, Agent, PR Firm, Marketing Expert, Branding Guru, Promotion Professional, Event Co-ordinator, Social Media Authority, Advertising Specialist, and more.

  • Sunday – October 27th , 8-10 am
  • Tuesday – October 29th, 2-5 pm

THE ART OF ORGANIZATION: Those women and men featured in Where Women Create’s Book of Organization will share their reasons, ideas, secrets, and products be- hind why and how they keep themselves and their notes or papers, materials, supplies, and tools organized. Receive mountains of useful information, see endless examples, enjoy hands-on activities to create jar lids, labels, boxes, and so much more using die-cut machines and embossing folders (designed by Where Women Create and created by Sizzix). Enjoy a special “treat” to help you “feed” your creativity!

  • Wednesday – October 30th , 9 am – 12 pm

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What do you make? Tell Jo Packham, the mastermind behind "Where Women Create"

With no formal education in business, entrepreneur and author Jo Packham has risen to the top of the craft community as a publisher of several successful magazines for artisans.

The creator and editor-in-chief of “Where Women Create,” “Where Women Cook,” and her newest, “Where Women Create Business,” Jo been a leading innovator in the handmade publishing market for more than 30 years.

Her publishing company, Chapelle Ltd., has packaged more than 1,000 titles for most major publishers in the industry including: Time Warner, Oxmoor House, Meredith Corp. (Better Homes & Gardens), Rodale Press, Random House, Chronicle, and others.

Don’t miss our Q&A with this creative, innovative entrepreneur!

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