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Are you afraid of success? If so, you aren’t alone. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Director of DARPA, Dr. Regina Dugan, argued that “you can’t lose your nerve for the big failure, because the nerve you need for the big success is the exact same nerve.”

Dugan sheds light on the discussion of what it takes to get ahead, adds Russell Bishop, an author, consultant and executive coach.

“You do need to be able to stomach the downside potential of any move you make to get ahead, even if it’s as simple and mundane as the risk you assume when you get behind the wheel of your car,” he says. “However, when confronting the myriad challenges we face in life, one oft-overlooked limiting factor might just be what some have called the ‘fear of success.’ Fear of success and fear of failure can be very closely aligned. On the surface, this notion might seem ridiculous — what on Earth could be scary about success? But if you dig a bit below the surface, you might discover some powerfully limiting aspects of your own mindset, of your own approach to life.”

At Inkandescent Coaching, our mission is to help you leapfrog over your fears and embrace the live you’ll love — the one that lives in your business plan, and our heart.

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Intuitive Business Coaching by Hope

Are you ready to get past your fears and embrace your future? It’s as easy as 5-4-3-2-1 … Blast off!

  • 5 hours
  • 4 inquisitive questions
  • 3 simple steps
  • 2 big takeaways
  • 1 eureka breakthrough that will launch you into the future you have been dreaming of!

About the 3 steps: In this simple, 3-step coaching process, experienced business owner, author and journalist Hope Katz Gibbs will be your guide. Note: Each 45-minute session can be done on the phone, in person in Richmond, VA, or — for those open to using alternative healing tools — at Hope’s Reiki studio (learn more about that option below).

  • Session 1: Intake — In this 2 hour session you will think though the thoughts, ideas, and data about what you love about your work, what you hate about it, and what you believe are the blocks that are keeping you from truly accomplishing your goals.
  • Session 2: Clearing — In our second session that lasts 1.5 hours, we’ll further uncover the issues that are blocking your ultimate success. You’ll also symbolically let go of the one, or more, things that are no longer serving you so get ready to clean those closets!
  • Session 3: Visioning — Finally, our last 1.5 hour session will help you clarify the future you have been wishing for. In addition to creating a vision board that showcases your goals and ambitions, we’ll do additional exercises to prepare you for the live you are longing to live.

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Inkandescent Dolphin Tank

Coming in the Spring of 2016: Inkandescent Dolphin Tank! Stay tuned for details.

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