Disruptive Women in Health Care

The mission of www.disruptivewomen.net is to serve as a platform for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere. We recognize that to accomplish this, we need to call on experts outside of the health industry.

The founding Disruptive Women have audacious hopes for our blog. We’re not managing change, we’re not thriving on chaos — we’re not waiting for cures. We’re driving change, we’re creating chaos, and we’re finding cures. In a nutshell: We’re disrupting the status quo in the health machine.

Our goal is to become the “go to” health care blog — one that is recognized as a Petri dish for fresh ideas and bold solutions. Won’t you join us?

Join us Dec. 1 for a special Disruptive Women night of "Music & Art Therapy"

Washington, DC, November 18, 2010 — Join Robin Strongin and her Disruptive Women bloggers on December 1 at The Kreeger Museum for a night of art and music when she hosts the 2010 Disruptive Women holiday event, “Music & Art Therapy: A Demonstration in Healing.”

“I designed this special holiday event with a singular purpose in mind: to help people understand the enormous evidence-based power of the arts to heal — mentally, physically, and spiritually,” says Strongin, the creator of the Disruptive Women in Health Care Blog (www.disruptivewomen.net) and the president and CEO of the Washington, DC, firm Amplify Public Affairs (www.amplifypublicaffairs.net.)

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Washington DC, December 1, 2009 — The Nov. 30 news website FierceHealthcare.com featured Robin Strongin’s popular health care blog, Disruptive Women in Health Care (www.disruptivewomen.net), noting it was featured as one of “Five Fierce Female Healthcare Bloggers to Watch.”

FierceHealthcare.com reporter Anne Zieger wrote: “This blog is written by dozens of senior female health care professionals, including clinicians, academic researchers, health advocates, management consultants and political insiders.”

Disruptive Women in Health Care should be required reading, Zieger said.

“This blog lives up to its name, offering challenging ideas—and a strong dose of much-needed attitude—on critical topics like medication adherence and health plan design,” the reporter explained.

“There’s also a lot of play given to women’s topics, such as the new breast cancer screening recommendations, which sadly don’t get as much attention in other publications. While nobody’s suggesting that women’s takes on health issues are better than men’s, these contributors are exceptionally passionate in what they have to say, and it’s a pleasure to hear women roar. There’s much to learn here.”

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Robin Strongin, publisher of Disruptive Women in Health Care Blog, proudly invites you to a free event on Dec. 2 with Dr. Maureen Lewis, Advisor to the Chief Economist, The World Bank

When: Wednesday, December 2
Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Where: National Museum of Women in the Arts, 3rd Floor Gallery, 1250 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC
Register: Send an email to rstrongin@amplifypublicaffairs.net.

Washington DC, November 19, 2009 — How do we improve health care in the developing world? We start by improving the economic opportunities for women, says advisor to the chief economist of the World Bank, Dr. Maureen Lewis.

Lewis will speak at a special networking event on Dec. 2 from 6-8 p.m. in Washington, DC, hosted by Robin Strongin, creator of the popular health care blog Disruptive Women in Health Care (www.disruptivewomen.net).

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