The House of Steep

Lyndsey DePalma is the founder of new Arlington, VA tea house and reflexology studio—about the treasure that is tea, the power of reflexology to heal and harmonize, and her entrepreneurial dreams for the future.

Before coming up with the concept for House of Steep, the shop’s creator Lyndsey DePalma wanted something for herself—to relax, and just be, for a while each day.
Not satisfied with any of the existing answers and armed with some entrepreneurial hard-wiring and a respect for natural healing, Lyndsey left her corporate career in human resources to bridge the gap.

A firm believer in present living, this small business owner also publishes her thoughts and ideas on relaxation and a peaceful lifestyle at

Since October of 2010, House of Steep has been taking up residence in Lyndsey’s heart and will become the ultimate destination for busy corporate citizens, casual connections, bridal parties, street shoppers, believers in alternative healing, moms and grandmoms, yogis and yoginis, consultants, crafters, lovers, and the rest of us.

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What It Means to Win Arlington’s Best Business Award

July 2013 — In June 2013, Lyndsey DePalma’s House of Steep, was awarded Arlington’s Best Business Award.

“This is a big accomplishment in this county, which I believe is one of the best places to do business in Northern Virginia,” says DePalma, noting House of Steep won because it demonstrated significant growth, and that it has had an exemplary impact on the community. “I am blown away by this honor.”

“Being only 8 months old, it was unlikely that we’d win such a prestigious award. What sets House of Steep apart from other fast-growing businesses in the county is largely that our hearts are still in the right place. Much of our growth is a direct correlation of caring for the community that has cared so much to ensure our success. In the weeks since the announcement, that confirmation has grounded me and my team as we ride the start-up wave.”

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The Pleasure of Choosing the Perfect Tea

June 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — Sometimes, the solution to a problem is right at our fingertips.* So why do we resist? That’s a question worth pondering over a fabulous cup of steeped tea.

In fact, tea and herbs feed the soul and nourish the body. So let nature be your friend.

Here are 10 reasons to drink tea and herbal tisanes.

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The Art of Team Building

May 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — Does this sound familiar? You are sitting at your desk, and that colleague who has bugged you for ages does something that irks you again. You know that it’s illogical—there’s just something about this person that rubs you the wrong way.

So what do you do? Odds are good that your first response is to tense up. Your shoulders creep toward your ears, your heart races just a little, and maybe your stomach cramps a tad. You silently plot ways to avoid the person—or pretend that venting to your friends makes you feel better. You’d rather not react like this, but it seems uncontrollable.

Click inside for tips on how to stop jumping to conclusions with our colleagues.

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House of Steep Serves Up Food That Heals

April 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — Why wait for your body to provide biofeedback about the bad food you eat? Our bodies need exactly the vitamins and nutrients found in food that comes from the earth, so do your beautiful self a favor and fuel your bodacious bod with good foods that are readily available, are convenient, and are a direct way to give your cells precisely what they need to avoid disease or disharmony.

Say no to belly pain, bloating, and digestive imbalance, and start feeding yourself the nourishment your body needs.

Click inside for some easy ways to get what your body is begging for.

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In the News: Lyndsey DePalma's House of Steep Featured in The Washington Post

March 12, 2013, Washington Post — “Most eateries have a place to sit down while your takeout order is being prepared,” writes Food editor Nevin Martell. “It’s exceedingly rare that a foot bath is recommended to help pass the time. But that’s what happens at House of Steep, which opened last September in Arlington.”

He adds: “The narrow space offers something of a triple play: teahouse and cafe in the front, “foot sanctuary” in the back. The concept was developed by 31-year-old Arlingtonian Lyndsey DePalma, who says she was inspired by her great-grandmother.”

DePalma explains: “She soaked her feet every day, lived to a ripe old age, was healthy as a horse and had a happy life. So I thought there might be something to the whole foot soaking business.”

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Teas That Heal: Natural Remedies for Our Womanly Ailments

March 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — Women are special. So special, in fact, that we have our very own medical discipline dedicated exclusively to our beautiful anatomy. Because women tend to carry a large portion of life’s responsibilities—at home and in our professional lives—the resulting stress can play havoc with our overall health.

The good news is that a bounty of natural remedies are available to help alleviate, if not eliminate, what ails us. Consider the following natural remedies to help calm everything from menstrual cramps to menopause and heart disease.

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Ready to Ignite Your Passion? Try These Tasty Teas

February 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — Looking for new and unique ways to connect?

You aren’t alone. Modern couples have limited time for relaxing together, given their penchant for success in most areas of their lives.

Click inside for some easy, effective ways to maintain an organic connection.

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Tea Rules at Lyndsey DePalma's House of Steep

January 2013, Be Inkandescent magazine — Got a hangover? Forget the Tylenol, and reach for a steaming cup of healthy, herbal tea. Why? Because tea is nature’s ancient remedy for soothing what ails you.

Here are four blends to ensure you are tip top in 2013. Chin up!

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Relaxation Is the Recipe at Arlington's New House of Steep

December 2012, Be Inkandescent magazine — How did Lyndsey DePalma come up with concept for the House of Steep? “I wanted something for myself—a place to relax, and just be, for a while each day,” she explains. “I wast satisfied with any of the existing retail outlets.”

Armed with some entrepreneurial hard-wiring and a respect for natural healing, Lyndsey left her corporate career in human resources to bridge the gap.

Click inside to read our Q&A with Lyndsey, and click here to listen to our podcast interview on The Inkandescent Radio Show.

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