Andrea Keating, founder and CEO, Crews Control

Andrea Keating founded the nation’s first film-and-video-crew staffing agency, Crews Control, in 1988. Since then, the company’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local crew for each specific shoot.

“Crews Control represents only the best cameramen and freelance video crews,” she says. “We save our clients the risk of hiring the wrong camera crew for your production. That means we can offer our clients the quickest response time when they need to book a crew, and then provide the most dedicated customer service in the business.”

That means every camera crew that Crews Control presents to clients is led by a Director of Photography with a minimum of 10 years corporate production experience. We rigorously screen to guarantee the crews we present our clients meet our highest standards of experience, professionalism, creativity, reliability.

Crews Control video crews are equipped with broadcast-level camera equipment and best of all, the gift of making your production a great experience.

“Our clients are some of the world’s best-known companies in the world and they rely on Crews Control to produce high-quality video footage,” she explains.

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PRESS RELEASE: Crews Control University Highlights the Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner

Washington, DC, August 9, 2012 — “Getting a good education and having success throughout school are clearly critical goals,” says Andrea Keating, founder of the international video-staffing firm Crews Control. “But to be truly successful, I believe the key to being educated is to be a lifelong learner.”

That’s why she established Crews Control University (CCU) in 2010.

“Not only do I want my entire team here at Crews Control be be up-to-date on the latest equipment and technology and production trends in our industry, I want to create an environment where all of our crews and clients have the opportunity to share in that learning opportunity as well,” Keating insists.

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Crews Control On: How to Balance Your Dream Job + Your Day Job

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO, Crews Control
June 2012

When it comes to having a healthy business, I know the key to success is to surrounded myself with creative people. Not only do I have more fun, but the more creative they are, the more I learn from them.

I then find ways to take their best ideas and incorporate them into my business, so that my employees and clients all benefit from the creativity that is generated. Click here to learn more about Crews Control’s Four Creativity Secrets.

In my quest to understand even more about the power of creativity, I picked up a copy of “Imagine,” by Jonah Lehrer. In it, he points to research that shows entrepreneurs with expansive social networks are three times more innovative than people with only small networks of close friends.

“Instead of getting stuck in the rut of conformity—thinking the same tired thoughts as everyone else—they are able to invent profitable new concepts, thanks to their wide social circles and collections of acquaintances who inspire novel thoughts,” he writes in Chapter 7.

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Crews Control On: The Art of Creativity

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO, Crews Control
May 2012

Hey all you entrepreneurs out there: Whether you know it or not, you are engaged in highly creative activities.

Indeed, every successful entrepreneur I know is creative with messaging, visual arts, negotiating relationships, and—without doubt—managing budgets in a highly creative way.

So how can you maximize creativity at your office?

Click inside to read few of our Crews Control Creativity Secrets.

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Crews Control On: Finding Inspiration in "The Cloud"

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO, Crews Control
April 2012

Like many other companies that are working with cutting-edge technology, Crews Control is excited about “the cloud.”

Many of us are already working in the cloud when we use Google docs, Twitter, Facebook, and our video favorite, YouTube.

That’s why we’re very pleased to announce that Scenios, a cloud-based software provider and a company on whose board I sit, has unveiled an enterprise edition of its cloud-based video production platform—the ideal place for corporate customers to manage their in-house video productions.

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Crews Control On: The Shifting Video Industry

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO, Crews Control
March 2012

Technology changes very quickly in the world of digital cinema and video. High- definition (HD) video is progressively replacing standard definition (SD) video in professional applications, and hard-disk recording formats are replacing tape formats.

The initial change from analog to digital video was driven by the savings in time and money when Sony first introduced the Digital Betacam (DigiBeta) camera format in the mid-1990s. The current change from tape to hard-disk recording was driven by the same cost savings both in time and also equipment savings since multiple playback decks are no longer needed for in-house edit systems.

And now, with the introduction of a variety of tapeless cameras, the digital tapeless camera is becoming the standard.

At Crews Control, we have collected statistical data on the increase of tapeless formats where the deliverable is a hard drive—and found that from January 2009 to December 2011, the use of tape-based camera formats has steadily decreased—by 36 percent.

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Crews Control On: Dispelling the E-Myth

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO, Crews Control
February 2012

I have been a fan of Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth” since reading it in 1995, a few years after starting my company.

It was a dream of mine to found a corporate video company that provides camera crews for video shoots and production at locations around the world. Since 1988, my team has successfully been fulfilling that dream.

It hasn’t always been easy. That’s why Gerber’s book resonates with me. In talking about “the myth of the entrepreneur,” his bestseller dispels the commonplace assumptions surrounding starting and running a successful small business. In fact, Gerber practically tells the story of the challenges I faced as an new business owner.

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Crews Control Interviews Author Herta von Stiegel On: "The Mountain Within" [Be Inkandescent Magazine, Dec. 2011]

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO, Crews Control
January 2012

When I first met Herta von Stiegel (pictured right), I knew instantly that she was special.

The founder and CEO of the Ariya Capital Group, a Gaborone- and UK-based fund management firm focusing on sustainable investments in Africa, is an international executive who has held senior positions at Citibank and JP Morgan.

She is also the woman who in July 2008 spearheaded a trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro with 28 climbers—seven of them disabled. Against incredible odds, 60 percent of the group made it to the summit—remarkable, considering that only 35 percent of climbers typically achieve that goal.

The Mountain Within is the book that came from the experience. It bears the name of Herta’s award-winning documentary, which vividly tells the emotionally charged story of the climb that changed her life.

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