At Inkandescent PR, we pride ourselves on helping our clients win the awards that they deserve. Not only do these prestigious nods show the world the wonderful work that the client has accomplished, they help to build credibility for the organization. We also are proud that our team of staff members, journalists all, have won several awards for their writing, design, illustration, and photography. See all of that below. If we can help you and your organization land that award you have been dreaming of, send us an email.

What It Means to Win Arlington’s Best Business Award

July 2013 — In June 2013, Lyndsey DePalma’s House of Steep, was awarded Arlington’s Best Business Award.

“This is a big accomplishment in this county, which I believe is one of the best places to do business in Northern Virginia,” says DePalma, noting House of Steep won because it demonstrated significant growth, and that it has had an exemplary impact on the community. “I am blown away by this honor.”

“Being only 8 months old, it was unlikely that we’d win such a prestigious award. What sets House of Steep apart from other fast-growing businesses in the county is largely that our hearts are still in the right place. Much of our growth is a direct correlation of caring for the community that has cared so much to ensure our success. In the weeks since the announcement, that confirmation has grounded me and my team as we ride the start-up wave.”

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Awards: Stephanie Cohen Named 2010 Smart100 CEO

Gaithersburg MD, December 2, 2009 — Stephanie Cohen, CEO of the health benefits firm Golden & Cohen, found out this week that she was named one of SmartCEO Magazine’s 2010 Smart100 CEOs.

“After another competitive year of nominations, the selection committee has chosen Stephanie Cohen to join an elite group of 100 of Greater Washington’s leading CEOs and their organizations,” announced SmartCEO magazine’s Makenna Coyne on December 1. “Combined, this group employs more than 150,000 people, boasts revenues in excess of $9 billion, and has won almost 1,500 business awards. In addition, the group shares a philanthropic spirit by donating time, energy and money to local Washington area charities.”

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