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Ed Reinsel's Portfolio

Ed Reinsel’s take on his three favorite videos, in his own words.

In Virginia, The Ballston LaunchPad Challenge is an initiative for visionaries to receive funding to develop their big idea. It took us multiple days to shoot everything in this 60-second spot.

This commercial ran in local theaters in Ballston and on the web to build interest in the contest. The announcement of the winners is in December 2013.

Click here to watch it.

AOL Home features this video we created featuring entrepreneurs Kirsten Quigley and Cris Bourelly. These two moms had an aha! moment—to make Lunchskins reusable lunch bags.

I spent an entire day with them to shoot this video. That’s what it takes to tell this story! I wanted to truly capture how they moved from concept to product to stores.

Click here to watch it.

NBC4 Washington hired me to do a promo, which took less than a day to shoot and told a nice story about teacher and poet Simone Jacobson for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It is part of the community outreach NBC4 does for viewers.

Watch it.

For more information about Ed, visit

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Back to School Night 2013: A Grand Celebration

Back to School Night 2013 was another huge success for the financial services firm Egan, Berger & Weiner, LLC.

The partners wanted to capture the event on film! Click to watch this year’s 4-minute video.

And click to read more to view some spectacular moments of the evening.

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Egan Berger & Weiner Knowledge University: Global Demographic Trends 2014 and Beyond

November 25, 2013 — What do you need to know about Global Demographic Trends?

In this video, produced by the financial services firm Egan, Berger & Weiner LLC, president of the ACC Family — *Jim Lindsay* — offers insights.

Click here to watch this engaging hour-long seminar.

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VIDEO: Documentary on Simplicity Urgent Care Featured on Arlington TV

October 1, 2011 — Inkandescent Public Relations was happy to help videographer Roger Munter with this documentary on Simplicity Urgent Care, an Inkandescent client since 2010.

“As health care costs continue to rise, these two ER docs who are trying to make it more affordable to get medical care,” Munter explains in this story, where viewers learn how Drs. John Jones and John Maguire are changing the way health care is delivered by establishing a new kind of health care facility—Simplicity Urgent care on Columbia Pike, in Arlington VA.

The documentary will be featured throughout October and November on the Arlington TV program, 26 Sq., and will run four times a day: 6:00 am, 9:30 am, 1:00 pm, 8:30 pm.

Click here to view the entire documentary on YouTube.

For more information about Simplicity Urgent Care, visit

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VIDEO: Simplicity Urgent Care Has A New Video on

April 2011, — In an effort to work more closely with their patients, Simplicity Urgent Care founders, Drs. John John and John Maguire, posted a new video to their homepage on

“We strive to keep things simple, and there’s no better way to do that than to make it easy for our patients to share their thoughts about the work we’re doing on the powerful social media website,,” says Dr. Jones.

Dr. Maguire adds: “In this video, we were able to tell our story in words and video images, and I think that’s very helpful to people who may not have had the opportunity to use our services. We simply want people to know that if they need us, we’re here.”

Click here to view the new video:

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Fixing the Angst of Performance Reviews

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The Entrepreneur Business Leader

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Why Managers Won't Manage

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Culinaria Cooking School Chefs Stephen Sands and Pete Snaith Are Featured on Channel 10

Culinaria Cooking School Chefs Stephen Sands and Pete Snaith Are Featured This Week on Channel 10 from Inkandescent Public Relations on Vimeo.

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VIDEO: Make Mine A Million $ Business

September 2010 — Video producer Ann-Marie McHugh, produced this video of Nell Merlino’s “Make Mine a Million $ Business” conference. View it here:

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VIDEO: Warren St. John hosts June 20 event to celebrate "Outcasts United"

YouTube video, June 2009 — To promote his June 20 event at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, New York Times reporter Warren St. John — author of the new book, “Outcasts United,” hired Inkandescent Public Relations to create a YouTube video. Our videographer Zach Starr shot the film on the roof of Warren’s NYC apartment building, and spliced in interesting clips. Watch the video here.

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VIDEO: Lincoln Leadership Institute launches new YouTube video

A Transformational Journey from Gettysburg is the title of the most recent YouTube video release that Inkandescent Public Relations helped create for Steve Wiley’s Lincoln Leadership Institute.

Based on the intensive three-day leadership training program that well-known speaker Wiley has been hosting for years, this video by Inkandescent’s videographer Zach Starr, features insights and lessons from generals, ambassadors, and the other LLI faculty members who each year teach hundreds of managers and executives from top U.S. firms how to be more effective and efficient.

“We use the battle of Gettysburg as a metaphor, but our program is not a just a history lesson,” says Wiley. “We focus on the key things that helped the North secure the win on those critical July days in 1863.”

Watch it now on YouTube.

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Video: Steven B. Wiley interviews Lincoln about the importance of Executive Presence

Gettysburg PA, March 16, 2009 — Why is having an executive presence so important? Today Steven B. Wiley, president of the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg, released a YouTube video about why, and how, to achieve the highest standard of leadership. In this video by Inkandescent Public Relations videographer Zach Starr of Starr Media, Wiley interviews Lincoln about what it takes to be as effective as the 16th president.

View the video on YouTube and read the entire transcript below.

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Video: The Lincoln Leadership Institute Celebrates Lincoln’s 200th Birthday with Video on YouTube

Gettysburg PA, February 24, 2009 — The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg launched a special YouTube video this week to celebrate the move into its new offices in the historic David Wills House — the location where the 16th president spent the night before reciting the historic Gettysburg Address. “We are thrilled to have our headquarters in this beautifully restored historic landmark,” says Steven B. Wiley, president of the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg, who spoke at the opening luncheon prior official ribbon cutting for the museum.

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Produced by Inkandescent PR for our client Golden & Cohen, this YouTube video was created by our videographer Zach Starr. Click HERE to watch!

Gaithersburg MD, November 2008 — The much-anticipated DC Health Summit drew more than 100 business leaders interested in the future of health insurance reform to a packed the ballroom at the Mandarin Hotel. They were eager to hear what health insurance company executives, physicians, hospital administrators, and politicians had to say about how workplace wellness programs can lower insurance rates.

“This was a groundbreaking event,” moderator Andy Hines told the crowd. “For the first time, decision makers and players from every industry that impact the cost of health insurance gathered in one room. Fortunately, no chairs were thrown, and we had a very interesting discussion.”

That was the goal for Stephanie Cohen, CEO of the health benefits firm Golden & Cohen, who hosted the event.

“I have been in the trenches of the health care insurance industry for more than a decade, and what I see happening to my clients when they try to collect on their benefits not only disturbs me as a business owner — it infuriates me as a U.S. citizen and a mother,” Cohen says. “That is why my partners and I at Golden & Cohen decided to host the DC Health Summit. Our goal is to bring the decision makers together—politicians, health insurance company executives, physicians, academics and hospital administrators—so we can start to come up with workable solutions.”

To hear some of their remarks, view a video of the event on YouTube.

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