Inkandescent Speakers shine a spotlight on the business and personal-development topics that will take your company, and life, to a higher level of success and happiness.

Our experienced speakers are all business leaders who:

  • Offer insights that help professionals already succeeding in the workforce.
  • Give great guidance to career changers as well as and stay-at-home moms ready to get back into the job market.
  • Provide an ideal resource for college students who are launching their careers, need help crafting their resumes and cover letters, or just need inspiration and encouragement.

With a playful sense of humor and sage advice, and through engaging exercises, the speakers bring decades of real-world and entrepreneurial experience to these half- and full-day workshops, keynote speeches, lunch-and-learns, and cocktail party chats.

To learn more, contact Hope Katz Gibbs, founder of Inkandescent Speakers, at 703 346-6975,


Date: October 26, 2012 • Annapolis, MD
Speaker: Amy Steindler, life coach, InsightOut Life, with Rick Lesan, Frontier Advisors LLC
Topic: “How to Invest Without Losing Your Mind”
Anne Arundel County Public Library Foundation
Note: This speaking engagement is not open to the public.

Date: September 2012 • Dulles, VA
Speaker: Hope Katz Gibbs, PR coach, entrepreneur, publisher
Topic: PR Rules: The Playbook
The HeartLink Network

Date: September 2012 • New York City, NY
Speaker: Hope Katz Gibbs, PR coach, entrepreneur, publisher
Topic: How To Be Your Own Publicist
Webgrrls International

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PR and Writing Expert Hope Katz Gibbs

A journalist since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986, author, publisher, and owner of Inkandescent Public Relations Hope Katz Gibbs launched the Inkandescent Speakers Bureau in 2012. “The goal is for our veteran business owners to provide best practices, and share lessons learned, with entrepreneurs around the nation to help guide them to small-business success.”

Gibbs’ Speaking Topics include:

PR Rules: The Playbook
As a PR specialist, journalist, and entrepreneur since 1993, Hope knows that your goal as a business owner is to excel in your area of expertise—but you also need to be savvy, strategic, and smart when it comes to getting the word out about the great work you do. In this 60-minute speech, she’ll teach you how to make the PR plays that score customers using the five tools and rules from our Inkandescent PR toolbox.

The 7 Steps to PR Success
Includes Gibbs’ handout, The 12 PR Rules of Thumb
Of the zillion PR firms in America, odds are good that no two will approach PR and marketing your business the same way. But, we all use the same tools in the PR toolbox. What will set your business apart from the pack is how you finesse your message, stay consistent, and find clever ways to maximize your visibility.

Overcoming the Trifecta of Small-Business Failure
Why do so many small businesses fail? Because as entrepreneurs the very characteristics and skills that make you want to start a business are most likely the ones that are causing you to stumble. Here’s how to turn the trifecta in your favor.

Media Savvy Workshop: How to Make the Press Want to Meet You
How can you get in front of reporters, and talk to them so they care about your story? This talk is a strategy session that will help you learn to think like a reporter, and get your company in the news. We’ll teach you how. We’ll also discuss whether getting in the news is the best use of your PR energy.

Embrace Your Inner Publicist: 5 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Small Business
Before the branding and website, before the press releases and media kit—and not long after the business plan is penned—it’s essential when launching a successful company to know, down deep, who you are, what you truly want from your company (besides making money), and what is going to get in the way of accomplishing your dreams. It’s not easy owning, running, and growing a business—especially in an era when the national and global economy are perpetually shifting. But it can be done. You just need a strategy, a timeline—and unadulterated determination to succeed.

Gibbs also offers 30-minute luncheon topics for entrepreneurs. From “Crisis Management 101,” to “Ending the Mommy Wars in Your Own Head,” click inside for more details.

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Business Expert Andrea Keating

When Andrea Keating founded Crews Control in 1988, it was the country’s first film and video staffing agency. Since then, the company’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local crew for each specific shoot.

Since then, she has perfected the art of making a business soar, and is available to talk about the following:

How to Build a Business; Expand your Business, and Gain Marketshare
In today’s ever-shifting economy, the key to success is to not only stay on top of your industry—but to keep an eye on the global business marketplace. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. In this speech, veteran entrepreneur Andrea Keating, founder of the international video staffing company Crews Control, will provide the 3 key things you need to know to help your business thrive.

The Future of the Video Industry: The Trends, Techniques, and Equipment That Keeps Videographers on Top
The biggest trend in the creative field of videography is outsourcing. Crews Control founder Andrea Keating will teach the audience how to use existing data to plan for growth—and educate your clients—in the digital age.

Dispelling the E-Myth: My Life as a Successful Entrepreneur
Andrea Keating is a fan of Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth” — especially his incisive observations that many entrepreneurs know considerably more about producing what they sell than about operating their business; and his explanation that to be effective, the entrepreneur must work on his or her business, not in their business.
In fact, after almost 25 years of owning her own international video staffing company, she believes that this is the biggest challenge for anyone working in a creative field. “Too many entrepreneurs—especially those who are highly creative and very good at art, writing, cooking, videography, photography, and other right-brain endeavors—too often don’t have enough of the logic-oriented business skills they need to successfully promote their talents,” Keating says. In this speech, Keating will offer the three things every entrepreneur needs to do to dispel the e-myth, and have their business succeed.

The Art of Creativity: Crews Control’s Four Secrets to Creative Success
Whether they know it or not, every entrepreneur is creativity—from messaging and visual arts, to negotiating relationships, and managing. So how can you maximize creativity at your office? In this speech, Andrea Keating takes her 25 years as an entrepreneur and introduces audiences to four of Crews Control’s Creativity Secrets. From surrounding yourself with the creative elite to filling your office with the things that inspire you, her tips are ones you’ll be able to implement immediately. And better yet, they’ll give you a brand new way of looking at the art of creativity.

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HR and Hiring Specialist Barbara Mitchell: "The Big Book of HR"

Barbara Mitchell is a human resources and organization-development consultant who is widely known in the areas of recruitment and retention. She has experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and has consulted for a variety of organizations around the world.

She served in senior human-resources leadership positions with Marriott International and several technology firms in the Washington, DC, area before co-founding the Millennium Group International, which she sold in 2008.

Mitchell’s books include, The Essential HR Handbook, and “The Big Book of HR.”

Her talks entertain audiences, and get them thinking not only about “Best Practices when it comes to Hiring and HR,” but also her favorite topic, “The Bucket List.”

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Our Services: Inkandescent Speakers Bureau

What will make your meeting or conference stand out? The speakers you hire! We know the goal of every meeting planner is put together an event that gets people thinking and brainstorming unique solutions that will take your company, organization, or industry to new heights. Our outstanding speakers have been chosen because they have the ability to connect with an audience and deliver a powerful message that moves, intrigues, and inspires the crowd.

Our menu of services includes:
Meeting design and coordination
• Setting the agenda, and designing meeting activities and breakout sessions
• Arranging pre-meeting dinners and tours

Logistics and administration
• Selecting and booking meeting venues
• Handling meeting registration, and creation and distribution of meeting materials

Graphic design and illustration
• Designing meeting logos, posters, flyers, and other artistic components

Audiovisual needs
• Professional photography
• Video, CDs, podcasts

Meeting promotion: PR and marketing
• Press releases
• Placed articles
• Blogs
• Advertisements
• Media outreach to journalists: print, television, and radio

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