Corporate Identity

Image is everything. That is why the Inkandescent Team provides customers with elegant high-end marketing materials — including logos, business cards, stationery, brochures, postcards, posters, menus, and more. What image does your company want to present to clients? Let us help you take it the next level. For details, contact Hope Katz Gibbs,

Logo: Lockheed Martin's Go Green Program

For Lockheed Martin, our art director Michael Gibbs created logo for its 2013 Go Green program.

“We’ve already surpassed our goal for reducing waste sent to landfills,” executives explain. “We have also implemented a rigorous and systematic approach to improve energy efficiency and resource conservation.”

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Business Card & Logo: Avenida Restaurant

Logo, illustration and design by Michael Gibbs

Client: Avenida,, a new Latin American restaurant in Mt. Airy, PA

Assignment: When chefs Kim and Edgar Alvarez were still in the planning phase of opening their new Latin American restaurant, Avenida,” they knew they needed an eye-popping logo that would get the attention of future customers. They turned to illustrator Michael Gibbs”: to create a logo that would incorporate the essence of Chef Edgar’s Aztek roots and the Germantown Avenue address of Avenida — which translates to “on the avenue.”

Solution: Michael accomplished his mission with flying colors. “We love our logo,” says Chef Edgar, who with Kim worked hard to match the colors of the interior of the restaurant to the colors on the logo and business card. “Everyone comments on how fun and beautiful the whole marketing package is. That was our goal: To create a restaurant that is fun, light, and beautiful.”

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Business Card: Delaware Market House

Design by Michael Gibbs

Client: Chef Kim Katz Alvarez, owner, Delaware Market House, Gladwyne, PA

Assignment: Create a business card that was classic, yet original, to reflect the tradition of the Delaware Market House, which was founded in the early 1900s. Chef Kim and her husband and business partner Chef Edgar Alvarez bought the market in 2002.

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Business Card & Logo: Inkandescent Public Relations

Logo, illustration and design by Michael Gibbs

Client: Inkandescent Public Relations

Assignment: Create a logo that would be used on a website and other promotional materials.

Solution: The illustrated lightbulb worked as a focal point to illuminate the card, and also get across the message of being Inkandescent. The design was then translated into a website, which launched in September 2008 and a variation on the theme was integrated into a spin-off for the company, Be Inkandescent magazine.

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Business Card & Logo: Hooks Book Events

Illustration and design by by Michael Gibbs

Client: Hooks Book Events

Assignment: Create a sophisticated corporate identity that reflected the passion of owners Perry Pidgeon Hooks and Loretta Yenson for bringing authors and ideas to government agencies and corporations. The logo was subsequently used on business cards, posters, postcards, and other promotional materials, which served to successfully brand the company.

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Business Card & Illustration: Freelance Writer Hope Katz Gibbs

Illustration and design by Michael Gibbs

Client: Hope Katz Gibbs, freelance writer

Assignment: Since launching her freelance business in 1993, journalist Hope Katz Gibbs worked by phone and word-of-mouth to land assignments with publications ranging from The Washington Post and USA Today to Global Business magazine and Costco’s business magazine, The Costco Connection.

But 15 years into a successful run, the economy began to teeter in 2008 and she decided it was time to ramp up her marketing efforts. “Being married to an illustrator has its benefits,” says Hope, who commissioned her husband Michael Gibbs to design a business card and website to promote her work.

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Business Card & Illustration: Michael Gibbs Illustration & Design

Illustration and design by Michael Gibbs

Michael Gibbs has been a freelance illustrator since the early ’80s. After majoring in architecture for a year at the University of Maryland, he attended Pratt Institute as a photography major, switching to illustration in his final year.

Michael’s style has evolved from traditional painting to a unique blend of traditional and digital techniques, with frequent forays into purely digital illustration. He was an early devotee of the Macintosh, Photoshop and digital illustration, and has been using the Mac and Photoshop since shortly after they were introduced in 1984. His work has been featured in books on illustration and design skills, including Information Graphics and Visual Clues [Rockport Press] and Step-by-Step Graphics.

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Business Card & Logo: The Writing's On the Wall

Design by by Michael Gibbs

Client: The Writing’s on the Wall
Hope Katz, founder and president

Assignment: Create a fun, but elegant logo that could be used on business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials to brand this non-profit founded in 1991 by Hope Katz. Based on her master’s thesis at The George Washington University where she studied Educational Leadership, Hope took the project to San Francisco where she conducted several “Wall” projects with poverty-stricken after-school programs. The project then traveled to the Capitol Children’s Museum, where it was a permanent exhibit.

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Postcard: New Website for the City of Fairfax Schools

Photo illustration and design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and writing by Hope Katz Gibbs, Inkandescent Public Relations

Client: The City of Fairfax School Board

Assignment: Create a postcard to mail to the 14,000 residents and business owners in the City of Fairfax, VA to inform them that the newsletter the School Board had been publishing since 2001 was going online.

Solution: By using an image of the homepage of the new website, and text that explained the reason for the shift from a printed newsletter to an online version, the School Board was able to inform its constituents of the change in an affordable, timely manner. In turn, the City residents responded by signing up to receive the electronic version of the newsletter. This enhanced the School Board’s reputation, and maintained the reach of Close-Up Online — a publication with important information about what is happening in the four City of Fairfax Schools. “Click here to read the back of the postcard”:

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Postcard: Hooks Book Events

Illustrated logo and design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and writing by Hope Katz Gibbs

Client: Hooks Book Events

Assignment: Create a promotional product to highlight the article about Hooks Book Events (HBE) that ran in The Washington Post magazine in January 2009, and also to feature the authors and high-profile corporations that hire HBE to bring those writers into their companies to inspire employees. Click here to view the back of the card.

Solution: By featuring the beautiful logo created by Michael Gibbs on the front of the card, and quotes from the authors and companies on the back, this card got people’s attention. Since it was designed as a postcard, it worked as a self-mailer, thank you note, and bookmark that the owners — Perry Pidgeon Hooks and Loretta Yenson — could tuck into all the books they sell.

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Business Card: Vint Hill Craft Winery

Illustration by Michael Gibbs
Client: Vint Hill Craft Winery
Assignment: Create business card to promote Vint Hill Craft Winery
Client: Ray Summerell, CEO, and Chris Pearmund, winemaker

This business card by Northern Virginia illustrator / designer Michael Gibbs was created for Vint Hill craft winery’s grand opening in the spring of 2009.

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Flyer: Vint Hill Craft Winery

Illustration by Michael Gibbs
Client: Vint Hill Craft Winery
Assignment: Create flyer to announce grand opening of Vint Hill Craft Winery
Opening for Harvest 2009
Orders taken beginning in March craft winery

Vint Hill Craft Winery will deliver a unique experience that focuses on winemaking; the skill, art and passion that surround it. Veteran Virginia winemaker Chris Pearmund is spearheading this new concept in personalized winemaking; ensuring quality, success and sustainability.

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