PRESS RELEASE: Crews Control University Highlights the Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner


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Washington, DC, August 9, 2012 — “Getting a good education and having success throughout school are clearly critical goals,” says Andrea Keating, founder of the international video-staffing firm Crews Control. “But to be truly successful, I believe the key to being educated is to be a lifelong learner.”

That’s why she established Crews Control University (CCU) in 2010.

“Not only do I want my entire team here at Crews Control be be up-to-date on the latest equipment and technology and production trends in our industry, I want to create an environment where all of our crews and clients have the opportunity to share in that learning opportunity as well,” Keating insists.

Here’s why Crews Control University has been a hit:

The goal: CCU offers Crews Control clients and crews an opportunity for small-group, informational sessions with industry experts to whom they may not normally have access. “The beauty of CCU is that it is informational and solutions-focused. This is not a workshop where the manufacturers reign,” Keating says. “In fact, we pride ourselves on being the unbiased “Switzerland” of product recommendations. The key is to provide our clients and crews with all the information they need to make great purchasing decisions, so they end up with the equipment that best fits their needs. If one product line works better than another, we explore the pros and cons together.*

The mission: Keating came up with Crews Control University when she realized that her company was in the enviable position of being in the forefront of the video-equipment manufacturing industry. “And since we book thousands of shoots around the world, we also track incredible amounts of information about formatting and media trends,” she says. “Because so many clients and crews regularly ask us about the trends and patterns we are seeing, we decided to create a venue to share information and bring in industry experts, and video partners, to offer additional insights and solutions.”

Success story: One of CCU’s greatest success stories is the Tapeless Workflow workshop series, the most popular workshop to date. “One of the best compliments we received about it was when one of our clients brought his entire team and his supervisor to this workshop,” Keating shares. “Afterward, he thanked me and said that in one morning we had conveyed all the information his team needed to make a department decision that he had been trying to push through for months.”

Coming this fall: Two new Crews Control University programs are planned for the fall of 2012:

  • The Mobile Recording Devices
  • Best Practices for Integrating Video and IT

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About Andrea Keating, founder, Crews Control

When Andrea Keating founded Crews Control in 1988, it was the first-ever, film-and-video-crew staffing agency. Since then, the company’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local crew for each specific shoot. “That means we can offer our clients the quickest response time when they need to book a crew, and then provide the most dedicated customer service in the business,” she says. For more information, visit, and contact Keating at