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When it comes to tracking trends in the corporate video world, it’s time to go beyond what’s new, bigger, and better, says Andrea Keating, founder of the international video-staffing firm Crews Control. Following are some of the industry trends that her company is tracking.

Washington, DC, July 2, 2012 — The video production world, like most other industries, is moving forward at lightning speed thanks to new technologies, realizes Andrea Keating, founder of the international video-staffing firm Crews Control.

“But think back—it wasn’t always this way,” she insists. “Just a few years ago, for instance, our clients were using tape, and standard definition at that.”

What started the flurry of innovation? In the June issue of her monthly publication, Crews Control News, Keating’s trend analyst Rebekah Toth provides interesting statistics (such as those listed below), as well as a thoughtful analysis of the trends in video production that may interest your readers.

May 2012 Statistics from Crews Control:

  • Camera Formats: XDCAM EX: 47% • DVC PRO HD: 23% • XDCAM HD: 6%, DVC PRO HD EX: 6% • DVCAM: 5% • XF: 4% • HDV: 3% • AVCCAM: 2% • HDCAM: 1%
  • Media: SxS Card: 47% • P2 Card: 23% • HD/SD TAPE: 16% • OPTICAL DISC: 6% • CF Card: 4% • SD Card: 3%
    Most tapeless formats are used in conjunction with other recorders.
  • Manufacturers: SONY: 64% • PANASONIC: 31% • CANON: 4%
  • Standard: HD: 93% • SD: 7% • 4K: <1% • 2K: <1%

Also in the June issue of Crews Control News, readers will find:

  • The IT Manager’s Checklist for Best Practices in Video Integration
  • How Corporate Communications and IT Can Work Together Better, by Crews Control University Guest Columnist Deborah Brozina
  • And, the Crews Control Spotlight is on T. Kelly Shores, of Sparksight. Learn how the Austin, TX design firm, which is focused on delivering results that inspire audiences and have a measurable impact for its clients, has benefitted from working with Crews Control.

For more information:

See Toth’s full assessment and projections here:

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About Andrea Keating, founder, Crews Control

When Andrea Keating founded Crews Control in 1988, it was the first-ever, film-and-video-crew staffing agency. Since then, the company’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local crew for each specific shoot. “That means we can offer our clients the quickest response time when they need to book a crew, and then provide the most dedicated customer service in the business,” she says. For more information, visit, and contact Keating at

About Rebekah Toth, trend analyst, Crews Control

Rebekah Toth is Crews Control’s official “social butterfly” as she spends her day fluttering between blogs, tweets, podcasts, and surfing the web. She is also a self-proclaimed video geek who keeps us all up-to-date on technical solutions and new gear. If it’s the latest and greatest, Toth is the first to know about it—and she looks forward to sharing that knowledge with all of Crews Control’s followers and friends. When she isn’t camping, white-water rafting, or trying some new food, she’s reaching for the crown of “podcasting princess.” Click here to check out Toth in action on Crews Control’s Podcast page.