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About Andrea Keating

When Andrea Keating founded Crews Control in 1988, it was the country’s first film and video staffing agency. Since then, the company’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local crew for each specific shoot.

“Crews Control represents only the best cameramen and freelance video crews,” she says. “We save our clients the risk of hiring the wrong camera crew for their production. That means we can offer our clients the quickest response time when they need to book a crew, and then provide the most dedicated customer service in the business.”

That means every camera crew that Crews Control presents to clients is led by a Director of Photography with a minimum of 10 years of corporate production experience. We rigorously screen to guarantee that the crews we present to our clients meet our highest standards of experience, professionalism, creativity, and reliability.

Crews Control video crews are equipped with broadcast-level camera equipment and best of all, the gift of making your production a great experience.

“Our clients are some of the world’s best-known companies, and they rely on Crews Control to produce high-quality video footage,” she explains.

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Speaking Topics by Andrea Keating

How to Build a Business, Expand your Business, and Gain Marketshare

In today’s ever-shifting economy, the key to success is not only to stay on top of your industry—but to keep an eye on the global business marketplace. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. In this speech, veteran entrepreneur Andrea Keating, founder of the international video staffing company Crews Control, will provide the three key things you need to know to help your business thrive.

The Future of the Video Industry: The Trends, Techniques, and Equipment That Keep Videographers on Top

The biggest trend in the creative field of videography is outsourcing. Crews Control founder Andrea Keating will teach the audience how to use existing data to plan for growth—and educate their clients—in the digital age. Click here to for more information.

Dispelling the E-Myth: My Life as a Successful Entrepreneur

Andrea Keating is a fan of Michael Gerber’s E-Myth. Especially his incisive observations that many entrepreneurs know considerably more about producing what they sell than about operating their business; and his explanation that to be effective, the entrepreneur must work on his or her business, not in their business.
In fact, after almost 25 years of owning her own international video staffing company, Keating believes that this is the biggest challenge for anyone working in a creative field. “Too many entrepreneurs—especially those who are highly creative and very good at art, writing, cooking, videography, photography, and other right-brain endeavors—too often don’t have enough of the logic-oriented business skills they need to successfully promote their talents,” Keating says. In this speech, Keating will offer the three things every entrepreneur needs to do to dispel the e-myth, and have their business succeed.

The Art of Creativity: Crews Control’s Four Secrets to Creative Success

Whether they know it or not, every entrepreneur is creative—from messaging and visual arts, to negotiating relationships, and managing. So how can you maximize creativity at your office? In this speech, Andrea Keating takes her 25 years as an entrepreneur and introduces audiences to four of Crews Control’s Creativity Secrets. From surrounding yourself with the creative elite to filling your office with things that inspire you, her tips are ones you’ll be able to implement immediately. And better yet, they’ll give you a brand new way of looking at the art of creativity.

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