Corporate Identity: Great Handmade Gifts

Writing / Concept by Hope Katz Gibbs
Design / Illustration by by Michael Gibbs
Photos by TaranZ

CLIENT: Hope Katz Gibbs, president and founder
Great Handmade Gifts, Inc.
Clifton, VA

ASSIGNMENT: Create sophisticated corporate look for e-commerce gift company that mostly functions online.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Shoppers, with focus on women (busy ones — and moms, in particular); and male / female artists and artisans to join the network

CHALLENGE: Although she launched in September 2001, Hope took several years to perfect the image and goals of her company. When she launched her website in December 2003, she wanted to have marketing materials ready get the word out in a bigger way. But she needed them to reflect the high-end gifts she sells on her website, www.greathandmadegifts.comBecause part of her business plan is to attract artists and artisans who make handmade gifts, it needed to be inviting for that arts audience, as well.

SOLUTION: Mike and Hope came up with a cover image for the brochure (three stalks of lucky bamboo, signifying happiness) that suggest the company is holistic and creative, but grounded. Inside the three-panel brochure are images of the assortment of gifts offered on the website’s nine “shops:” art gallery, books & music, home & garden, jewelry, clothes, babies & kids, brides & grooms, chocolates & treats, and wine & dine.

The colors of the brochure, and accompanying letterhead, thank you notes, and business card are warm olives and greens, which reflects the colors of the website.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: “I felt the entire package worked and the hit the mark I was going for: sophisticated, elegant and practical promotional materials,” says Hope. “These reflect the image I was trying to project for the company as a whole. I have only gotten positive feedback from the clients who shop with us and the artists / artisans who have joined the network.”