Mission & Vision: About the Series

This series of fabulous career guides will help give you insight and navigate your way into some of the hottest careers between now and 2020.

OUR MISSION: Because finding the career of your dreams too often seems like a tight rope walk, we aim to provide students, parents, career changers and bored professionals with a fun-to-use, easy-to-understand series of maps, apps, and books that will a shine light on what you want to do next with your life.

Our research includes:

  • Research and analysis from the data published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics offering details on the Hot Jobs to 2020
  • Details about the best colleges, universities and trade schools offering degrees and certificates required for each profession—and the cost of admission
  • Salary ranges for your dream career
  • In-depth interviews with the professionals in the trenches who tell you the great, good, and icky parts of what it’s like to spend a day in their shoes
  • A list of skills needed for each profession
  • And assessments for the Career Challenged and Career Confident, to help you find the best fit for your skills

OUR VISION: Believe us when we say that we know that finding the perfect career, much less the best place to work, is something you’ll likely wrestle with for your entire adult life. Just ask your parents. And your doctor, lawyer, dentist or vet. And your teachers, the guy who runs your gym, your dry cleaner, and the cute girl who is managing the Starbucks down the street.

Then check in with your uncle, who is a nuclear physicist but longs to be a chef. Or a chef in the neighborhood who wants can’t figure out how to fill the seats in her restaurant. She and knows she really needs a marketing class, or maybe another career.

The truth is that no matter what you choose to be when you grow up, the process of finding the perfect profession is just the first step. For once you make that choice, there are dozens of possible jobs in hundreds of different cities, in thousands of different companies. And quite honestly, it’s a crap shoot as to which one of those variables will make you happy.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.

What we can, and aim to help you with is sorting through many of the options that are available to you. Armed with a high school degree, and maybe a college diploma or even another piece of sheepskin that shows you really know your stuff—your choices are endless.

And that’s not always an easy truth to come to terms with, because even when you do find your ideal profession—your ideal job will keep changing because you will keep changing.

Even if you love money and grow up to be a banker, it’s possible that your high-paying job will turn out to be the opposite of what makes you happy at 47. Do you stick with it, throw caution to the wind and try something new, or find a way to leverage your skills and tackle a new aspect of the business you know and love.

Consider the two ER doctors that we interviewed. At 39, both finally paid off all of their medical school loans only realized it would be a struggle to put their own four kids (each) through college. So they put their heads together, hired some smart people to help them, and created an urgent care center that is becoming one of the most popular in the region.

While all of these contradictory, complex, chaotic truths may sound depressing and overwhelming—the good news is that armed with information, you will be able to make the best choices for yourself.

After talking to what seems like zillions of people about their work, the bottom line is this: If you know what you are passionate about, what makes you smile and makes time zip by when you are doing it—you are one step closer to finding the career that will make you want to get up in the morning. And that’s a very good place to start.

THE FORMAT: This book series is being developed in a variety of ways so that no matter how you learn, and best absorb information, you can access it.

1. The website: Coming in the summer of 2012, you’ll be able to find the foundation of our work and research on an interactive, subscription-based website that’ll provide you with the details you desire about your dream career.

2. The maps: Because manga is the rage, we have gone to the experts (art students and professionals who specialize in this art form) for help. Each career is explained and designed on a poster-like map that will help you see where you have the potential to go so that you can carve out your own path.

3. The app: Need the data at your fingertips? Download our smart phone app to find all the information you need about each career possibility.

4. The e-books: Books are our friends, and for many of us seeing a linear representation of the information is still the only way to fly. This version also includes several video and / or audio interviews of the experts in each field.

5. The book book: For bibliophiles like us, there’s no substitute for holding a paper book in your hands. So when the series is complete, we’ll be publishing a compilation of the 25+ industries in the series.