How many balloons does it take to lift a lawn chair? 7th graders Dylan Gibbs and Luke Ritter find out

In the spirit of play, and learning while you have fun, here’s a 7th grade science project that’s sure to make you grin.

Observation/Research: Lawn chairs look pretty light, and aren’t too hard to pick up. So it makes sense that a bunch of helium balloons can lift one off the ground.

Hypothesis/Prediction: It will 100 helium balloons, blue with green strings, to lift a lawn chair. (We considered doing the project with 99 red balloons, but thought we might want to hold off on that until we actually understood the lyrics to the song.

Experimentation: Check out our 2 minute video, by Dylan’s sister Anna Gibbs, 16, to see if we were right.

Conclusion: Well, 100 balloons didn’t quite do the trick. The chair had a little lift, but not enough to take it off the ground. We estimate that 150 might have gotten it up, but it would have taken many more balloons—250 at least—for it to fly.

We did have fun lifting the balloon chair with our fingertips, though. And once we were finished, the question became: How will it take for 100 balloons to deflate? What do you think? Send us an email with your prediction.