About The Inkandescent Group, LLC

The Inkandescent Group, LLC is a PR, marketing, publishing, and design firm that helps business owners polish their image so they can increase their presence in the marketplace.

To help our clients accomplish that goal, we offer a series of services—including website development, PR, marketing, monthly newsletters, media outreach, event planning, strategic social media, networking opportunities, an online magazine, and access to Internet TV. Additional services in the works include a Speakers Bureau and a book publishing imprint.

Our team includes experienced journalists, illustrators/designers, photographers, and videographers — who, like many of our clients, are also entrepreneurs. We have worked in the publishing world for decades and know what it takes to get the visibility needed to help a company grow.

Learn more about the Inkandescent founders on their portfolio websites:

Below, you’ll find information about the seven services of The Inkandescent Group. Please contact company founder and president Hope Gibbs with questions: hope@inkandescentpr.com, or 703-346-6975.

1. Inkandescent Public Relations, launched Sept. 2008

On the website of our PR firm, you’ll find details on Our Team, Our Services, Our Clients. You’ll also see some of the prominent local, regional, and national media coverage we have garnered for the firms we represent under In the News, in addition to those below:

2. Be Inkandescent Magazine, founded January 2010

Because our clients always want to be featured in the news, and we are journalists with a hankering to publish magazines, in January 2010 The Inkandescent Group launched an online business magazine for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, that features interviews with some of the most successful business leaders in America. We currently have more than 20,000 subscribers, 7,500 social media connections, and get more than 300,000 hits / month.

3. Inkandescent Networking, launched August 2011

Social media is all the buzz, and while there’s no denying the fun factor—where is the ROI? That’s the question we answered in August 2011 with Inkandescent Networking: www.inkandescentnetworking.com (www.inknet.biz for short).

This strategic social media site provides a detailed list of networking events in 7 East Coast cities (Annapolis, Baltimore, Boston, Miami, NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC). Click here to view.

  • Meet entrepreneurs, corporate execs, and celebrities in each city by viewing The Network.
  • Find the Hosts of the events are introduced in our Host Directory.
  • Meet some of the nation’s best authors in our Book Store.
  • Looking for great art? Check out these bestselling artists in our Art Gallery.
  • Find fabulous spots to stay, play, and eat when you are traveling in our Hotels, Food & Fun section.
  • Don’t miss a thing! Sign up for a free listing, and learn more about affordable ad rates and other PR opportunities here.

4. Inkandescent TV

With the goal of increasing our clients’ visibility on the Internet, we created a YouTube TV channel to host some of the videos we have created for our clients.

Our goal in the coming year is to increase the number of videos we post online, improve the quality, and use this medium to grow the business of our clients—as well as our own.

Click here to check out the variety of videos we have created to date: www.inkandescenttv.com.

5. Inkandescent Websites

Your website should be stunning. It’s your little black dress, your billboard to the world, and the first impression you make to help people decide whether they will—or won’t—want to work with you.

The key is to make a client’s website reflect the personality of the owners (through bios and photos), show off their expertise (with articles, newsletters, awards, and testimonials), and most importantly, make the site easy to navigate. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who surfs the site leaves impressed, more knowledgeable about the firm, and wanting to contact the owner for more information.

Since 2008, we have created more than 25 websites for our clients, who work in a host of industries and professions including publishing, art, law, health care, insurance, restaurants, and more. Click here to view our websites here.

6. Inkandescent Newsletters

E-newsletters are ubiquitous. But how many pop into your inbox that you actually want to read? Our team of experienced journalist knows how to sniff out a good story and write and design it so that it’s read.

Our newsletters show off your expertise, relate your work to newsworthy issues and events, and give clients and reporters insight into what sets your firm apart from the pack.

Plus, based on the philosophy “give and you shall receive,” we give away something special in every issue—recipes, medical tips, legal advice, and more. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Check out our newsletters here.

7. Inkandescent Books launched April 2008
Truly Amazing Women Who Are Changing the World,*

Truly Amazing Women, LLC, is an organization that honors, connects, and promotes women who are making strides and changing lives.

What makes a woman truly amazing? That’s the question I have been answering with vivid profiles of interesting, impressive women since April 2008. Having been a journalist since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986, I have written hundreds of articles about the fabulous work women do every day as they juggle careers and finances, family and responsibility to their community—and try to hold onto a little something for themselves.

Inspiration to create this project came on the warm spring day when I had the privilege of being surrounded by dozens of dynamic, invincible women determined to create change. Since then, I have profiled more than 150 women on this website, and have ambitions to turn the project into an inspirational book and TV series in the year to come. Meet The Women. • Check out their Industries.

8. Inkandescent Speakers Bureau launched Fall 2012

Our speakers are some of the most knowledgeable business experts, been-there-done-that entrepreneurs, corporate and government leaders, visionary educators, and veteran futurists who can give you a glimpse at what is ahead on the horizon. With wit and a sense of humor, our experienced speakers offer best practices and insights into the hottest trends in business, and organizational, professional, and personal development through corporate keynotes, workshops, seminars, webinars, lunch-and-learns, and networking events.

Speeches feature: topics that are important to the growth of your organization; insight and guidance that is needed by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate managers; and inspirational ideas that are concrete as well as motivational.

More ideas and plans for the future.

With the growth of our Speakers Bureau—now at 20 experts in different fields—we continue to look for ways to give more reach and visibility to our professional clients, help clients who own restaurants and galleries by hosting events in their establishments, and also sell books that we help our speakers publish (by co-writing, ghostwriting, designing, and in some cases publishing ourselves).