The Benefits of Being a Columnist: Be Inkandescent Magazine

We are regularly asked by experts and business owners how they can become a columnist for Be Inkandescent Magazine, an online monthly business publication for entrepreneurs, which gets more than 300,000 hits each month.

Established in January 2010, the magazine is a publication of Inkandescent Public Relations,, a full-service PR, marketing, design, and website development firm that helps entrepreneurs get more visibility so that their businesses can grow and prosper.

Below, is list of the benefits of joining our team as a Columnist. And for more information, contact publisher Hope Katz Gibbs at or 703 346-6975.

The Benefits of Being a Be Inkandescent Columnist

1. Gain access to thousands of readers, who are your potential clients.

Our magazine demographics, as of January 1, 2012, according to Google Analytics, include:

  • Average hits per month: 415,000
  • Subscribers: 32,735. This list grows by approx. 1,000 subscribers each month.
  • Social media contacts: about 8,000+ – and counting. Our strategy is to post a catchy headline and link each morning to one article in the magazine on our pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Profile of our readers:

  • Occupations: About 65% of our subscribers are the clients of our corporate clients and Columnists, which means they are vetted contacts (C-level execs and decision makers) at some of the largest organizations in the regions we cover (mostly DC, but increasingly in the 7 major cities along the East Coast.
  • Industries: Our readers work in a range of industries, including banking, books, education to fashion, fine art, health care, hotels, human resources insurance, law, management, non-profits, real estate, restaurants, and more. We also have a strong following from our social media connections, the majority of which are entrepreneurs and small business owners and their employees.
  • Headquarters: 48% of our readers are based in the Washington DC region; 42% are based in Philadelphia, New York, Annapolis, Baltimore, and Miami. The rest are are scattered throughout the US, with a concentration in California.

2. Work with an award-winning team of writers, copyeditors, and designers.

Our team makes it easy for you to look great in print. Each month, we’ll send you an email outlining the topic of the upcoming issue (see those below).
The articles are due to us by the 15th of the month. We’ll send you the invoice by then, as well, which is payable by the end of that month (more details are below).

Fees, Photos, and Deadlines

  • Payment: The fee for the column is $500 per month, with a six-month commitment. Columns also include an ad that points to your website for the duration of the time that you have a column. They appear on, and Ads, which are 213 × 187 pixels, can be submitted by email.. If you do not have an ad handy, we will design one for you for $150.
  • Billing: Each month, we’ll send you an invoice by the 15th that is payable upon receipt. If you plan to have a column in the July issue, for example, we will send you an invoice in November that is due by December 1.
  • Length, photos, and deadlines: The articles run between 500 and 1000 words, and include photos that illustrate your topic, as well as a photo of you). The Columnist should provide these images; as needed, our editorial team will assist. Articles are due on the 15th of each month. Our editors will make edits to the article, and send you the final version for approval.
  • You’ll be listed as an Inkandescent Columnist: We will list your company profile and photo on the magazine’s Columnist page:. This is a bio page that lists all of the articles written for the magazine. Columnists and their companies also get a page under “Our Clients” on, where we also list your articles and any additional work that Inkandescent PR does to help your firm gain more visibility.

Upcoming Themes

We work hard to outline the themes for the six upcoming months. See those below.
Note: This is subject to change for we may land a great interview at the last minute and need to shift the theme of the issue.

  • December 2011: Rules of Thumb Our Entrepreneur of the Month is Allen Webber, the founder of Fast Company magazine. His book, “Rules of Thumb,” offers entrepreneurs great insights and ideas into how to get the job done. As for your column: It’s open to your interpretation. You can discuss the rules that people follow in your industry (for better or worse), the reason there are rules, and why breaking the rules is sometimes a good idea. View Webber’s blog:
  • January 2012: Kick Off 2012 Right with Reebok The directors at the Boston-based international firm Reebok will be our Entrepreneurs of the Month, and give us insight into how the company grew into the ass-kicking corporation that it is today. We’ll also be profiling Boks, the company’s nonprofit that helps underprivileged children. Your article should focus on what makes your business, and industry, kick butt, stay agile, and find success. Learn more about Reebok here:
  • February 2012: The Business of Books Who doesn’t love books? To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we feature the authors we love, including Alice Hoffman, who has written 28 books, Rachel Russell, author of “The Dork Diaries,” and other successful writers. What does it take to hit the big time like they have?
  • March 2012: 10 Laws of Enduring Success March is International Women’s Month, and each year we focus on the folks who make up nearly 50% of the workforce. Our Entrepreneur of the Month is Maria Bartiromo, who recently talked about the future of the economy and her book, “10 Laws of Enduring Success,” at the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Economic Outlook meeting. In addition to profiling Bartiromo, we put a spotlight on the thriving businesses of Philadelphia.

3. Get discounts on additional advertising opportunities.

  • Banner ad on Be Inkandescent Magazine and
  • These are $1500 / year (or $150 / month), and link directly to your website.
  • Our Columnists get a 20% discount = $1200), and we will design the ad for you.
  • We’ll give you a 10% commission on every ad you help us sell.

Next steps: If you are interested in becoming a Columnist

  • 1. Let us know what you think the title of your column should be (one or two words). See examples here:
  • 2. Send us an outline of the article topics that you’d like to write, based on themes outlined above.
  • 3. Upon acceptance, we’ll send you a contract to formalize the agreement.
  • 4. Articles are due on the 15th of the month.
  • 5. Invoices are sent on the 15th of the month, and are payable upon receipt.

Other Inkandescent Services

Websites: Starting at $10,000, depending on scope

  • Writing: Professional writer and journalist Hope Gibbs will work with your team to choreograph the site, including which pages need to be added or reorganized. She will then write or edit existing text, and program it into the site. See Hope’s journalism portfolio here:
  • Design/logo: Illustrator/designer Michael Gibbs will design the site. He will work with the existing logo to update or modernize it as part of the fee. This includes the landing page and all secondary pages, as well as any necessary forms. Note: If the logo needs to be redesigned, there is an additional fee. If the client would like to hire Michael to create an original illustration, there is also an additional fee. His stock art illustrations are also available for additional purchase. See Michael’s illustration work here: and To review his stock illustrations, visit
  • Programming: Our web developer will program the site in the content-management system textpattern. He will also train employees at your firm to update the website upon completion if we are not hired to continue on as your PR firm.
  • Payment schedule: A contract to build the website will be provided, and once signed and a 25% deposit is required. An additional 25% is due upon approval of the design. The final payment of 50% will be due upon completion. The site will then be taken live. Note: Inkandescent PR does not host websites. We recommend, and will assist with the purchase of hosting.
  • Turnaround time: Once a contract for the website is signed, the design for the site will be delivered to you within 2 weeks. Upon approval of the design, the website will be programmed, written, and photos will be uploaded within two weeks. Your firm will then have the opportunity to approve it and make any changes. This includes two rounds of edits. Additional edits will be billed at $100 / hour. Upon final approval, the website will be launched through the hosting service of your choice. We’ll just need the information to log in and upload the site.
  • Photo and Video shoots: Our team will also assist with your photo and video shoots, including styling (hair, make-up and wardrobe). Note: Photo and video shoots are additional to the monthly fee, and start at $1000.
    See examples of our website work at:

2. PR Services: $150/hour (a la carte services, and packages are available at 15, 25, and 50 hours per month). Services include:

  • Managing and maintaining your website: If we have created your website, we will manage and maintain it so that stays up to date with all of your press releases, in the news mentions, any new service or product offerings and staff changes, and continues to be search engine optimized.
  • Creating monthly newsletters: Once the site is launched, we develop a monthly newsletter for you, which blasts to the your database. Review previous newsletters here: Note: There is an additional one-time set up and design fee for $500 to create the template and the database account for your company’s newsletter.
  • Getting you and your firm quoted In The News: We review hundreds of reporter queries each day, which are queries by reporters at publications around the country who are writing articles and need information from qualified sources. As we see the queries that you can respond to, we will send those to you asking for talking points that answer the reporter’s question. We’ll then respond to the reporter on your behalf, and if the reporter is interesting in interviewing you, we will set that up and also follow up to track the published article. We will also post the article on
  • Giving you a column on Be Inkandescent Magazine: Our 30 hour / month clients receive a column in our monthly business magazine.
  • Giving you a page on Inkandescent PR’s website: Our clients all get a page on our website,, with links to their site. This helps with Search Engine Optimization.
  • Writing and distributing press releases: As needed, we will write press releases about new services, upcoming events, significant staffing changes, etc., send them to reporters who might be interested in picking up on the story, and also post them to the national wires (which improves your Search Engine Optimization). Note: If this is a really significant story, we can also post them to a wire service that is highly targeted, but charge a fee.
  • Helping you create and execute a social media strategy: We will advise and assist you with getting the word out about your firm in the social media sphere, including establishing a strategy to give you more visibility on your choice of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Posting your profile and give you discounts on ads, on Our clients and Columnists get a 20% discount on ads on our strategic social media website (see more below).

Learn more at:

3. Inkandescent Networking

  • Company profiles: For $500, we will feature your company on “The Network” page of the new site (the main page, as well as your city page). We’ll write a bio that links to your website and features important information about your services. This will also include photos of the director(s).
  • Let us Network for you: For $150 / conference or event we’ll take your business cards and promotional information with us when we take a table at a networking event or conference. We’ll pass out your information, and all business cards / leads we collect will be shared with you.

Other services on the Inkandescent Networking site include:

  • Hotels, Food & Fun On this page we review hotels, restaurants, and fun spots in 8 East Coast cities. This is a great place for travel-related businesses to post specials and ads that link to their websites. — $1500/year
  • Book Store. This is the perfect place for authors to spread the word about their books. We will do an author interview, post a link to a bookstore where viewers can buy it, and help you create an ad that links to your author website. The ad will also appear on the BOOK page of Be Inkandescent Magazine. – $1500/year
  • “Art Gallery.”: Artists show off their work on this page, which features an assortment of artwork and a profile. Artists can also send us an ad that links to their site. — $1500/year

Learn more at: And do sign up today for a free listing in our Inkandescent Network Directory.

Note: Prices and terms apply through December 2011.