IN THE NEWS: writes, "Business Profile: The Bagelry Popular for Black Friday Breakfast"

By Catherine Krikstan
Colesville Patch

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most people are concerned with just one meal: dinner. But when stomachs start to rumble for breakfast on Black Friday, Colesville residents can turn to the Bagelry.

While the landmark breakfast shop will offer stuffing, sweet potatoes and other sides for Thanksgiving dinner, as well as cakes, pies and sweet bread for dessert, it is the restaurant’s famous bagels that owner Steven Brecher believes will be the week’s most popular purchase.

“Most people are so focused on Thursday—on getting the food, getting the pumpkin pie, making the bread, the turkey, the turkey, it’s all about the turkey—and then they wake up Friday morning and look around, and there’s 30 people sleeping on the floor. And they go, what do I do? And that’s where we come in,” Brecher said.

Indeed, Brecher looks at Black Friday as though it were a Sunday at the bagel shop, and has planned accordingly.

To prepare for the expected rush, Brecher has shored up his staff and made sure that several weekend brunch favorites are available, from smokefish and whitefish salad to several new cream cheeses, including bluberry, chocolate and bacon and herb.

Brecher, who with his wife, Tracy, took on ownership of the Bagelry in October, has also carried on with the shop’s renovations, which he hopes will be completed by the end of the year.

From painting the walls and settling on a slogan (“Not All Bagels Are Created Equal”) to putting in floors and bringing in new deli cases, the Brechers have put a lot of work into updating the decades-old deli.

“The place, although a great business, really was in need of some TLC,” Brecher said. “Even bagel shops sometimes need a face lift.”

The Brechers have in the past owned two other bagel shops and a deli, and are excited about this new business venture.

“The biggest thrill for us has been getting to know the customers and trying to figure out what their needs are,” Brecher said.

“There are always hiccups along the way, but overall we’re thrilled to be here.”

The Bagelry will be closed on Thursday and will reopen under normal hours on Friday at 6 a.m.