IN THE NEWS: "Patch Answers: Colesville Bagelry Changing Hands?"

November 8, 2010
Colesville Patch

Rob H. asks:

Just learned that The Bagelry on Vital Way changed hands a couple of weeks ago. Inquiring Colesvillians (and longtime Bagelry customers) want to know who’s new and where our old friends are going!

Last month, the former owners of The Bagelry sold the landmark breakfast shop. After seven years of ownership, Ricky and Neva Silverstein decided that running the restaurant had become far too tough.

“We’re in our mid-50s,” said Neva Silverstein of herself and her husband. “And we realized that it would be too physically demanding to continue working seven days a week … until we would be able to retire.”

Still, Silverstein looks back on her time at the Bagelry fondly. “We loved the business. We loved the community. We loved the customers,” she said.

The Silversteins are enjoying their time off, with no immediate career plans. While Neva acknowledged that the decades-old shop did need some updates, she hopes that the new owners will continue to provide the Silversteins’ signature customer service—along with the best bagels in town.

New owners Steven and Tracy Brecher promise that the Silversteins’ bagel recipe has not been touched.

“The bones of the business will remain the same,” said Steven.

The husband and wife team, who have in the past owned two other bagel shops and a deli, are thrilled to be finding their way in Colesville.

The Bagelry appealed to the pair because it was so well-established, a solid foundation from which the Brechers hope to move to “the next level of catering and deli,” Steven said.

“We’re very grateful to the previous owners. They built a great business,” said Steven.

Although some longtime customers have been surprised at the restaurant’s change in ownership, Steven is optimistic that these customers will soon accept and embrace the Bagelry’s expansion.

In addition to bringing the shop’s physical space up to date, the Brechers plan to extend the Bagelry’s hours and make some additions to the menu. A line of prepared Jewish-style food (including matzo ball soup, brisket, corned beef and rye bread) will soon be available alongside the shop’s famous bagels and baked goods. All of this can be purchased at the Bagelry, or through the Brechers’ new catering and event-planning service.

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