IN THE NEWS: Immigration Attorney Steve Trow is quoted in Legal Bisnow's "Sound Bites"

Legal Bisnow
July 28, 2010

Immigration attorney Steve Trow, CEO and co-owner of the DC law firm Trow & Rahal, was quoted in the “Sound Bites” column of the July 28 issue of Legal Bisnow.

Sponsored by Hellerman Baretz Communications, Steve and three other attorneys were asked:

Q: What are your thoughts about the DOJ’s lawsuit this month challenging Arizona’s immigration law?

Andres Benach, Duane Morris.DOJ had no choice but to sue Arizona. The Constitution is clear that immigration is an exclusively federal matter. Allowing fifty states to set their own immigration policy would create havoc. Immigration reform requires a federal solution.”

Steve Trow, CEO, Trow & Rahal “Congress dropped the ball on immigration reform, but that doesn’t give Arizona the right to run onto the field and pick it up. DOJ needs to get Arizona off the field, then Congress needs to fix our broken immigration system.”

Andrew Greenfield, Managing Partner, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy. “The Supreme Court has said that Congress and the President have ‘plenary power’ over immigration policy. So Arizona may have the tougher argument. But Arizona’s frustration underscores the need for immigration reform to address all of the issues, from public safety to economic growth to humanitarian concerns.”

Laura Reiff, Chair of Business Immigration and Compliance Practice, Greenberg Traurig; Founder, Essential Worker Immigration Coalition. “It’s like putting tape on the well-head of the Deepwater Horizon—too little, too late. For more than 10 years the business community has pushed for comprehensive immigration reform, to no avail. Immigration laws are federal and preempt state action, but shame on Congress and the executive branch for failing to fix a broken system for so long.”