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ARLINGTON VA, February 14, 2010The Inkandescent Group, LLC, is proud to announce the launch of its new online magazine: Be Inkandescent: the ezine for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs (

Publisher Hope Katz Gibbs, president of Inkandescent Public Relations and a veteran journalist who has written for dozens of newspapers and magazines including The Washington Post and USA Today, created the publication as a way to share the expertise of her clients and other entrepreneurs who are making strides in their industries.

“At Inkandescent Public Relations, we focus on helping entrepreneurs get the visibility they need, frequent interviews by the nation’s top publications and also reach out with monthly newsletters to their own customers,” Gibbs notes. “Our goal for the magazine is to give a bigger voice to our clients and other entrepreneurs who have an important message for their fellow business owners.”

In each issue

Be Inkandescent magazine offers insight into an array of industries and topics including reviews of useful business books, career and finance advice, good management and leadership practices, insight into the health care and insurance industries, tips on planning events, and profiles on nonprofits that are making a difference. We also feature women entrepreneurs who are changing the world, fine artists, easy to fix gourmet recipes and wine suggestions, and more.

Another highlight of the magazine is a profile of an Entrepreneur of the Month who shares his or her secrets to success and provides Tips for Entrepreneurs.

“These columns give our readers access to the insights of successful entrepreneurs who earn at least $10 million a year, have been in business five years or more, and are still running the company,” Gibbs explains. “Because I’ve spent most of my 25-year career as a reporter writing about business, I know the benefit of getting the scoop on what makes others a success. It gives you ideas that you can apply to your own business, and I’m eager to share their stories with our readers.”

In the magazine’s inaugural issue, the featured entrepreneur was organizational expert and author Julie Morgenstern who has been featured multiple times on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. In the current issue, the spotlight is on Jim Bognet and Jeff Kaiser, founders of Bognet Construction, a $50 million Virginia-based company that works on some of the largest build-outs in the Washington metropolitan area. Next month, the “Entrepreneur of the Month” will be Gina Schaeffer, a DC businesswoman who, with her husband, has turned on its head the old-school idea of what comprises a hardware store.

The future is entrepreneurship

Why is it important to get the word out about what a company is doing?

“With the economy taking a toll on many companies, futurists and economists are forecasting that more people will be working for themselves in the coming years,” shares Gibbs who points to the ideas of futurist Andy Hines, a professor of futures studies at the University of Houston, the managing director of the futurist consulting firm Social Technologies, and the chairman of the Association of Professional Futurists.

“Work is an activity, not a place,” Hines insists. “In the coming years, we will be ‘going to work’ less and simply carrying out the work more — wherever or whenever. Not only will we all be working for ourselves, we’ll be working in shifting groups on projects that have a finite time span. And we’ll love the freedom.”

Hines suggests looking at any urban center to imagine what is on the horizon. “Not long from now all the office buildings currently filled with companies and employees will be turned into condos. Wi-Fi will be available everywhere, and we’ll be meeting in small groups at Starbucks and other work-friendly places for meetings and to network with each other. Certainly, we’ll also need each other’s services to build our businesses. And that will give us more opportunities for collaboration and growth.”

Keeping this in mind, Gibbs says her growing firm is positioned to help experienced entrepreneurs, as well as those who will be starting up their own firms in the coming years.

“When we launched Inkandescent Public Relations in 2008, the goal was to tap into the trend of what Dan Pink referred to in his 2002 book, ‘Free Agent Nation: How America’s New Independent Workers are Transforming the Way We Live,‘” notes Gibbs, who each month adds more clients to the list of companies her firm represents. “They just need a little help getting the word out about their services and products. To that end, Be Inkandescent magazine is a great vehicle to help our clients and other experts share their knowledge and increase their visibility.”

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