Business Card & Illustration: Freelance Writer Hope Katz Gibbs

Illustration and design by Michael Gibbs

Client: Hope Katz Gibbs, freelance writer

Assignment: Since launching her freelance business in 1993, journalist Hope Katz Gibbs worked by phone and word-of-mouth to land assignments with publications ranging from The Washington Post and USA Today to Global Business magazine and Costco’s business magazine, The Costco Connection.

But 15 years into a successful run, the economy began to teeter in 2008 and she decided it was time to ramp up her marketing efforts. “Being married to an illustrator has its benefits,” says Hope, who commissioned her husband Michael Gibbs to design a business card and website to promote her work.

“I had always admired the illustration he had done for American University of the typewriter keys, and when it came time to pick an image for my business card, that seemed perfect,” explains Hope. “When I hand out the card, I’m always pleased to hear the reaction. Everyone loves it, and wants to learn more about my business — and the work my husband does. I always have his business cards on hand so they can contact him.”