Business Card & Logo: The Writing's On the Wall

Design by by Michael Gibbs

Client: The Writing’s on the Wall
Hope Katz, founder and president

Assignment: Create a fun, but elegant logo that could be used on business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials to brand this non-profit founded in 1991 by Hope Katz. Based on her master’s thesis at The George Washington University where she studied Educational Leadership, Hope took the project to San Francisco where she conducted several “Wall” projects with poverty-stricken after-school programs. The project then traveled to the Capitol Children’s Museum, where it was a permanent exhibit.

Our Mission: The Writing’s on the Wall is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children know that walls are just things that can be moved — they just need to wish for it, and make it happen. “I would wish for peace. That means there would never again be any war. And no one would ever be sad,” said Trend Hardman, then 7.

Our Process: We use art, photography and writing as the medium to teach and encourage children — especially those who are disadvantaged. So in 1993 the Writing’s on the Wall team began taking art supplies, cameras, photographers, journals and writers into underprivileged neighborhoods in Northern California, including:

Our Partners:

  • The Children’s Cultural Center After School Program, Marin City CA
  • The Bayside/Martin Luther King Jr. School, Sausalito CA
  • The Tenderloin After school Program in San Francisco, CA
  • First Exposures photography project in the Mission District, CA
  • The Capital Children’s Museum in Washington, DC

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