Postcard: Hooks Book Events

Illustrated logo and design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and writing by Hope Katz Gibbs

Client: Hooks Book Events

Assignment: Create a promotional product to highlight the article about Hooks Book Events (HBE) that ran in The Washington Post magazine in January 2009, and also to feature the authors and high-profile corporations that hire HBE to bring those writers into their companies to inspire employees.

Solution: By featuring the beautiful logo created by Michael Gibbs on the front of the card, and quotes from the authors and companies on the back, this card got people’s attention. Since it was designed as a postcard, it worked as a self-mailer, thank you note, and bookmark that the owners — Perry Pidgeon Hooks and Loretta Yenson — could tuck into all the books they sell.

Back of the card:

How did Perry Hooks and Loretta Yenson build a business by getting people hooked on books? Their year-old company, Hooks Book Events, contracts with government agencies, trade associations, corporations and the like to stage speeches and other events with freshly published authors,exposing the organizations’ employees or membership to new ideas. “We call it the graduate school of life,” Perry says. “We can’t believe everyone’s not doing this.” — January 4, 2009, The Washington Post Magazine

“I can’t think of anyone more competent at putting on a book and author event than Hooks Book Events. Perry Hooks and Loretta Yenson are resourceful, well-organized, and pull everything together with good cheer. Working with them is always a pleasure.” — Evan Thomas, Washington Bureau Chief, Newsweek

“Working with Hooks Book Events is a joy. Perry Hooks and Loretta Yenson are incredibly savvy about sales and marketing. That’s a rare combination, and why every author can benefit from enlisting their talents.” — Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author

“Hooks Book Events is perhaps the best author event group in the DC area. They have arranged numerous events that have greatly increased the visibility of our authors among US Government and business groups. Smart, efficient, dependable and professional, this is an innovative firm.” — Andrew DeSio, Princeton University Press