Postcard: New Website for the City of Fairfax Schools

Photo illustration and design by Michael Gibbs
Concept and writing by Hope Katz Gibbs, Inkandescent Public Relations

Client: The City of Fairfax School Board

Assignment: Create a postcard to mail to the 14,000 residents and business owners in the City of Fairfax, VA to inform them that the newsletter the School Board had been publishing since 2001 was going online.

Solution: By using an image of the homepage of the new website, and text that explained the reason for the shift from a printed newsletter to an online version, the School Board was able to inform its constituents of the change in an affordable, timely manner. In turn, the City residents responded by signing up to receive the electronic version of the newsletter. This enhanced the School Board’s reputation, and maintained the reach of Close-Up Online — a publication with important information about what is happening in the four City of Fairfax Schools.

On the back of the card:

In an effort to be cost-conscious, green, and efficient and effective as possible, the award-winning City School Close-Up newsletter is going online! Through our new and expanded website,, the community will receive a monthly update about what is happening inside the four City Schools. The new website will feature:

City School Close-Up online: Our print newsletter has been redesigned and will be sent out as a monthly e-news blast to anyone who signs up. Each issue will also be posted on the new website. Don’t miss a single issue! Sign up:

In the News: Find out what is happening inside the classrooms at Fairfax High School, Lanier Middle School, Providence Elementary and Daniels Run Elementary. From AYP scores and academic achievements to special awards and honors, readers get the information they need.

Monthly meeting dates and agendas: Stay abreast of what the City School Board is discussing at its monthly Work Sessions and Regular School Board Meetings.

Road Map to Academic Success: What courses do students need to take to achieve their highest potential by 12th grade? The Road Map helps guide the way.
School contact information: Need to register a child for school, contact FCPS, or call one of the City School Board members? We make it easy by providing all the details on the new City Schools website:

As always, feel free to contact any of your School Board members by email or phone. Their contact information is posted below. We look forward to connecting online!


Ann Monday, Superintendent 703 385-7911
Janice Miller, School Board Chairman 703 691-1748
Jon Buttram, School Board Vice Chairman 703 385-4643
Julie Knight, School Board Member 703 691-3406
Elisa Lueck, School Board Member 703 385-7911
Toby Sorensen, School Board Member 703 591-5899
Jonathan Earley, School Board Student Representative