Portrait & Bio: City of Fairfax School Board 2008-2010

Photo by Steve Barrett Photography
Bio by Hope Katz Gibbs

Before the City of Fairfax became an independent city, it was a town in Fairfax County and the schools were part of the Fairfax County (FCPS) system. When the town moved to city status in 1961, state law required that a local school board be organized to govern the schools.

A School Services Agreement was entered into with FCPS to continue to manage and operate the schools; the City School Board and Superintendent oversee this Agreement and are responsible for the management of the school buildings owned by the City. Key Elements of the Schools Services Agreement can be found here: City-County Connection.

Today, the City of Fairfax School Board consists of five elected officials who help guide the City Schools in legislative and other school business. Pictured here they include (from left): Chairman Janice Miller, Vice Chairman Jon Buttram, Toby Sorensen, Julie Knight, and Elisa Lueck. Each year, a senior from Fairfax High is chosen to be the Student Representative. This year that is Jonathan Earley.

The School Board holds two meetings each month, a Work Session and a Regular Meeting. The public is invited to attend both and a list of meetings can be found at www.fairfaxva.gov/school/school.asp.

Additionally, the City Schools has its own Superintendent. Ann Monday has held the job since 2007. Her duties are listed below, along with her bio.