Portrait: The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg team

Photo by Steve Barrett Photography

What do Apple, Pfizer, Kellogg, ExxonMobil, Chase, Wells Fargo, Homeland Security, USA Today and ABC News have in common? When it comes to training, developing and motivating their greatest asset, their people, they turn to Steven B. Wiley and the The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg.

“We are dedicated to serving as a resource for individuals, teams and organizations who find themselves having to perform or produce in a stressful and rapidly changing environment with limited resources and limited information,” explains Steven B. Wiley, president and founder of The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg.

Civil War history becomes a metaphor, and the battlefield a classroom, as Steven B. Wiley leads your organization toward unprecedented success by developing leaders at all levels. Learn how his impressive programs can positively impact your bottom line—with immediate and guaranteed results.

Members of our team will collaborate with you and your organization to select, customize and tailor the right combination of the offerings to guarantee the maximum return on your investment.

Our programs stay alive in the minds of participants and in the organizational culture to ensure return on your investment for the following reasons: Through the unique and creative use of historical metaphor and an examination of the lives of historic characters we develop “bookmarks” in the minds of participants.