Portrait & Bio: Steven B. Wiley, President & Founder, Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

Photo by Steve Barrett Photography
Bio by Hope Katz Gibbs

Steven B. Wiley is an entrepreneur, author, and highly acclaimed speaker who has influenced and entertained tens of thousands of top executives from around the world. Without exception, he receives the highest ratings possible from his audiences. His business experience includes the founding of three companies: two international franchise organizations and a national chain of fleet management centers.

He has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar funding agreements for his own companies with some of the top venture capital organizations in the world. His strong leadership ability has earned him recognition in top publications including Venture Magazine, USA Today, and Entrepreneur magazine.

Steve’s speaking experience includes three years as National Spokesperson for the Quaker Oats/Pritikin Longevity Centers for whom he has been featured in television commercials and advertisements in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and New York Times. Over the past ten years he has conducted thousands of seminars on negotiation, sales leadership and wellness for numerous public and private sector organizations.

Currently, he is the President of The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg and the founder of the Institute’s Communicating with Executive Presence program as well as their Transformational Journey from Gettysburg leadership development experience. For more information, visit www.lincolnleadershipinstitute.com.