Portrait & Bio: Angela Sontheimer, Managing Director, Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

Photo by Steve Barrett Photography
Bio by Hope Katz Gibbs

Angela Sontheimer is the Managing Director of the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg. She has a background in institutional advancement and has worked extensively in events management, and is a graduate of Gettysburg College. In 2009, Angela finished her Masters degree in Leadership and Liberal Studies at Duquesne University.

Along with Steve, Angela developed and created A Transformational Journey from Gettysburg.

“This intimate, small group program explores several customized case studies of your choosing while providing participants with a unique team-building opportunity,” Sontheimer says. “The Journey actually begins long before setting foot in the Gettysburg area. Participants prepare for their experience through compelling pre-session readings and an optional battery of assessment tools.”

Sessions include time both in the classroom using our unique blended learning format, and on the hallowed ground of Gettysburg’s National Military Park. The battlefields become our learning laboratory as we retrace the steps of some of our history’s greatest leaders. Each case study is then thoroughly debriefed by participants and the concepts learned are applied to your specific organization’s challenges and needs. Many organizations opt to hold their own meetings at our locations either before or after their Journey to maximize group synergy and the leadership concepts learned.

“While in Gettysburg, leaders and their team will enjoy an all-inclusive accommodation package at a full-service hotel or a quiet country inn—all arranged and handled by The Lincoln Leadership Institute. Options include the historic Best Western Gettysburg Hotel located in the center of Gettysburg’s historic district, the prestigious Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel, or the beautiful and historic 23-acre Antrim 1844 Country Inn with its renowned chef and extensive wine cellar.

In addition to our stunning case studies on leadership, other impactful sessions during your Journey focus on:

  • Negotiation: Using proven win-win techniques to get your way while expending fewer of your organization’s resources of time, money, schedules and people.
  • Communication: Did you know that 93% percent of communication isn’t what you say? Learn tips to communicate at 100%—one hundred percent of the time.
  • Listening Skills: It isn’t just waiting to speak! Rather, it is key to being a good communicator and a good leader.
  • Wellness: Achieving better work/life balance is essential to your leadership.

“By attending our Journey you will be exposed to other topics and concepts that will start you on the road to your own leadership journey and help you stand apart from others in your organization,” Sontheimer adds. “Our program is about much more than achieving top efficiency or simply improving performance. We feel our learnings will help you develop a very special kind of enthusiasm and “sense of purpose” that can bring truly magical consequences to you and your organization.”