IN THE NEWS: Sharon Armstrong featured in the Washington Business Journal

Now is a good time to search for top talent
Washington Business Journal
Article by Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Staff Reporter

Washington Business Journal, June 4, 2009 — “It’s one of those favorite half-full observations for a human resources department: A down economy is a great opportunity to pick up top talent that might not otherwise be on the market or in your price range,” writes Washington Business Journal reporter Jennifer Nycz-Conner. “That, of course, is easier said than done. But it’s a key move right now.”

Nycz-Conner interviewed several local firms, including HR expert Sharon Armstrong, co-author of The Essential HR Handbook and owner of Sharon Armstrong and Associates.

Armstrong said:

Connect the job-to-applicant dots clearly. Know why you are hiring for this position and why you’re talking to a particular candidate. In interviews, stress that you are not only interested in who the candidates are now, but who they have the potential to become. One way to do that is to emphasize benefits such as training, said Sharon Armstrong of Sharon Armstrong and Associates in D.C.

Also, experts suggest getting the hiring manager involved early in the interview process. Top performers want to know whom they will be working for.

Manage your reputation. There is nothing like a good dose of self-awareness. Is your company known for responding to candidates quickly? For fair, or good, compensation? For being a great place to work?

All these things matter when job seekers are a considering a potential employer. This especially goes for top talent.

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