Our Services: Inkandescent Speakers Bureau

What will make your meeting or conference stand out? The speakers you hire! We know the goal of every meeting planner is put together an event that gets people thinking and brainstorming unique solutions that will take your company, organization, or industry to new heights. Our outstanding speakers have been chosen because they have the ability to connect with an audience and deliver a powerful message that moves, intrigues, and inspires the crowd.

Inkandescent Speakers are experts in their fields. These thought leaders hale from a broad spectrum of industries and have experience and insights that will provoke change.

We’ll match the right speaker to your meeting needs. Not only are our speakers exceptional spokespeople in their fields—but they are also affordable (our speaker fees start at $750 and are based on the presentation and speaker as well as your budget and needs).

Speech writing and training. Our team of experienced speech writers, media coaches, and trainers is also available to help your CEO and other speakers on your staff prepare for the big event.

Meeting planning and coordination. Need help planning your event? Our staff includes experienced meeting planners and coordinators, and we can work with your team to choose and order the perfect giveaways for your event.

Whether you’re simply looking for a good, reputable, affordable speaker, or you have other meeting-support needs, turn to Inkandescent Speakers. We can help you put on a great meeting.


Meeting design and coordination
• Setting the agenda, and designing meeting activities and breakout sessions
• Arranging pre-meeting dinners and tours

Logistics and administration
• Selecting and booking meeting venues
• Handling meeting registration, and creation and distribution of meeting materials

Graphic design and illustration
• Designing meeting logos, posters, flyers, and other artistic components

Audiovisual needs
• Professional photography
• Video, CDs, podcasts

Meeting promotion: PR and marketing
• Press releases
• Placed articles
• Blogs
• Advertisements
• Media outreach to journalists: print, television, and radio

For more information, contact speakers@inkandescentpr.com.