Play With Us: Here's How You Can Become an Inkandescent Speaker

If you are an experienced speaker and a thought leader who is respected in your industry, we want to hear from you.

Quality is key. Therefore a speaker evaluation is required. Send a sample video, audio, or digital copy of any presentations that you have made to

Don’t have a press kit, audio, or video? You aren’t alone. We know that sometimes great speakers may lack all of the pieces necessary to market themselves successfully—and we can help.

Following is our tier of services that will help us market your talent:

Tier 1: $500 Press Kit
Includes: Professionally written bio and photo

Tier 2: $1,000 Audio and Press Kit
Includes: Professionally written bio and photo, and podcast of a recent speech

Tier 3: $1,500 Video, Audio, and Press Kit
Includes: Professionally written bio and photo, podcast of a recent speech, and 5-minute video to post on our website, your site, and YouTube.

Need a little help preparing your speech or getting ready for the next big speaking engagement? We are available to help. Other Speaker Services also include:
• Speaker training
• Speech-writing and PowerPoint presentations

We’ll also provide media outreach to get you the attention you need, including:
• Press release announcing your speaking engagement
• Reporter outreach for additional press coverage of your speech at the event
• Announcement of your speech on your blog, and the Inkandescent Speakers blog, etc.

*For more information, contact Hope Katz Gibbs,