In the News: Sharon Armstrong interviewed on WUSA: "Looking for a new job?"

WUSA: DC Channel 9 News NOW — HR expert Sharon Armstrong was invited with her colleague Marshall Brown on December 30 to talk about the best approach to find a new job in the current economic downturn.

A human resources consultant, trainer and career counselor, Armstrong has interviewed and helped hundreds of job candidates land the perfect job. Brown, a certified career, executive coach, and author of “High-End Resumes,” focuses on strategies for succeeding in interviews and making it to the final candidate list in this tough market.

“Don’t panic,” Armstrong told WUSA reporter Mike Walter. “Just start working right away on a new plan.”

She also offered other tips, including the idea that a resume is actually a marketing brochure that should reflect your assets and offerings to a new company. Another thought is to ask friends what they see as your strengths.

Finally, she says, “Stay strong — and never give up.”

On February 3, Armstrong and Brown also hosted an audio conference on the topic entitled: “Interviewing In A Tough Market: Strategies For Succeeding In Interviews And Making It To The Final Candidate List.”

“Many candidates are getting close to landing a big job, but in the final interview are having a tough time sealing the deal. That’s why my colleague Marshall Brown and I have developed a new 60-minute teleseminar revealing the secrets of Interviewing in a Tough Market. If you or someone you know is looking for a job in today’s brutal economy.”

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