In the News: Workforce Learning's Alice Waagen Featured in Human Resource Executive magazine

Top Story: Layoff Landslide
By Scott Westcott
January 2009

Human Resource Executive, January 2009 — In the HR News section of this month’s Human Resource Executive magazine, reporter Scott Westcott interviewed Dr. Alice Waagen, president of the leadership development firm Workforce Learning, for his article, “Layoff Landslide.”

Westcott wrote: “With the economy in an official recession, HR leaders unfortunately will get plenty of practice to hone their skills in presiding over reductions-in-force.”

Dr. Waagen commented: “In HR, we’ve been through this before so there should be lots of lessons learned in how to handle layoffs in a humane and dignified way. The key tenet is massive amounts of open and timely communications — both for the employees leaving and those staying.”

Employees are extremely good at reading the tea leaves, Waagen added, and suggested that HR leaders and practitioners work closely with company executives and internal and external communications partners to develop a plan that keeps employees appraised of the financial conditions of the organization and the potential for layoffs.

“It pays to be extremely transparent about the logical process that led to layoffs,” Waagen concludes. “Most people will be hurt and angry if they are laid off, but if they understand the reason, the ultimately accept it.”

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