In the News: Sharon Armstrong featured in Washington Business Journal article: Gotta make a plan for inaugural day madhouse


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WASHINGTON, DC, January 9, 2009 — In this week’s Washington Business Journal, HR expert Sharon Armstrong is quoted in an article on page 13 entitled, “Gotta make a plan for inaugural day madhouse.”

Reporter Jennifer Nycz-Conner writes: “We have have been hearing abou tit ever since the networks called the election for Barack Obama on Nov. 4. If you live and work around Washington, Inauguration Day is going to be a madhouse. if you are a business executive with a staff anywhere inside or around the Beltway, you need to deal with the logistical nightmare of millions of extra people trying to find their way to the Capitol on Jan. 20.

Nycz-Conner goes on to offer the following advice from with local experts:
• To close or not to close?
• Building status
• Check in with your vendors
• Cell phone service
• Share emergency contact information
• Child care for employees
• Communicate with Clients

On the topic of *Provide Information,” Nycz-Conner asked HR expert Sharon Armstrong for your opinion.

Armstrong said executives and human resource professionals have a joint mission: “Communicate, disseminate information, anticipate and get the word out.”

_Work with your human resources team to keep your staff informed of our plans (“We’re closed,” “We’re open, but you can take a vacation day,” etc.) and what’s going on around them. Put together a contact sheet or online list of links to public information about inaugural activities, such as road closing locations and times, suggestions for travel and the like. Get the information to your staff as soon as possible. Then follow up with reminders leading up to Inauguration Day.

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