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Hello and welcome to the GAF and GAKids, DBS’s national project dedicated to bringing history to life for kids, and adults.

Today we are excited to take you for a trot inside the barn at George Washington’s 8,000-acre plantation and estate — Mount Vernon — where in the fall of 1792 he built a 16-sided structure that he used for grain processing and storage.

Why did he need a 16-sided barn? How did his invention impact the farming community — and the commerce of the country, at that time? What kind of business man was our first president?

To find out, we get a history lesson from Deborah Colburn, Interpretive Programs Supervisor of the Historic Trades here at Mount Vernon. Our reporters for the day are three Grateful American™ Kids — AJ, Avery, and Callie — all from Longfellow Middle School in Fairfax, VA.

There will a quiz at the end. You’ll find clues throughout the video, so be on the lookout for the star — and take notes as you watch!

Take it away Deborah!

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