Solace and Sanity, Clarity and Courage

Have you ever wanted to take a month off — just to think? Today, I embark on such a journey. The first leg is a road trip that will take me this morning from my home in Richmond to a yoga teacher training in New Hampshire by week’s end. Then I jet off to Oregon for a Level 4 Reiki Maser training, followed by a week of writing / walking on Venice Beach, CA, and another week hiking / daydreaming in Arizona, before heading back east. Along the way, I hope to find wisdom, joy, giggles, new friends — and bright ideas, some of which I plan to share with my FB friends. So stay tuned. Here’s to finding solace and sanity, clarity and courage. Wish me luck! Love, Hope

My kids are sad about me leaving on my adventure, so I promised to send a love note daily. Here’s today’s:

Movie of the night:

1. The Secret Life of Walter Middy — who doesn’t want to find the person who makes you the bravest, strongest, most magical version of yourself?

2+3. Knowing / Next — if you had a crystal ball, would you look? Nick Cage, as an astrophysicist in Knowing, answers the question. Since I’m on a Nick Cage roll, I checked him out in this flick where he plays a psychic who sees 3 minutes into the ahead. “Do you know what happens when you look at the future,” he asks. “It changes.”