Intuitive Business Coaching by Hope

Are you ready to get past your fears and embrace your future? It’s as easy as 5-4-3-2-1 … Blast off!

  • 5 hours =
  • 4 inquisitive questions (see below)
  • 3 simple steps (see below)
  • 2 big takeaways
  • 1 eureka breakthrough that will launch you into the future you have been dreaming of!


  • Session 1: 2 hours
  • Session 2: 1.5 hours
  • Session 3: 1.5 hours
  • Note: Sessions can be done by phone, in person, or with Reiki. See details and pricing below.


1. Think big: What do you really want — for your life, and your business?

2. Think back: What inspired you to start your business? What was your big hairy dream?

3. Think forward: Don’t worry about how you’ll get there (assume all of that is taken care of). Without over-thinking, spend 5 minutes writing down where you will be in 5 years, 3 years, 2 years, 6 months.

4. Don’t think: Just write. What are the 10 things that are keeping you from realizing that future?

Explore more:

  • To figure out what you think, use any tool where you can download your thoughts and ideas. Grab a notebook or your laptop, a piece of poster board or construction paper and crayons … or if you prefer a tape recorder or your cell phone to record yourself talking.
  • Just start. Take each question one at a time and let your unconscious and imagination roll. Don’t judge. Let it out.
  • Now go back and listen. You may just amaze yourself! Feel free to add to your ideas over the next few days, as more thoughts will likely come to you. But trust that what you push out the first pass through the questions is perfect!
  • Bring your thoughts, notes, and ideas with you so you can share them at our session. And if you have anything symbolic you’d like to get rid of, bring that along, too!

3 STEPS: In this simple, 3-step coaching process, experienced business owner, author and journalist Hope Katz Gibbs will be your guide. Note: Each 45-minute session can be done on the phone, in person in Richmond, VA, or — for those open to using alternative healing tools — at Hope’s Reiki studio (learn more about that option below).

  • Session 1: Intake — In this 2 hour session you will think though the thoughts, ideas, and data about what you love about your work, what you hate about it, and what you believe are the blocks that are keeping you from truly accomplishing your goals.
  • Session 2: Clearing — In our second session that lasts 1.5 hours, we’ll further uncover the issues that are blocking your ultimate success. You’ll also symbolically let go of the one, or more, things that are no longer serving you so get ready to clean those closets (metaphorically and actually!).
  • Session 3: Visioning — Finally, our last 1.5 hour session will help you clarify the future you have been wishing for. In addition to creating a vision board that showcases your goals and ambitions, we’ll do additional exercises to prepare you for the live you are longing to live.

2 BIG TAKEAWAYS: These are two giant ideas that will make your big hairy dream come true.

1 EUREKA BREAKTHROUGH that will launch you into the future you have been dreaming of!

Are you ready?

Fees: The 3-step series is $500. Additional services, including business plan reviews, business plan writing, coaching for teams of employees, are also available.

Spring 2016 Special: The first 10 clients that sign up will get a 10% discount on services.

Session Options:

  • In-person meetings are held at Inkandescent Public Relations headquarters: 1719 W Main Street, 2nd floor, Richmond VA 23220. Appointments will be scheduled between 9-5 daily.
  • Phone meetings are scheduled noon-5pm daily: 703-346-6975.

  • Coaching plus Reiki by Hope: Take your sessions to the next level with a hands-on healing session by Hope, who was certified as a Reiki Master in March 2016. In addition to her beloved career as a writer, journalist, and entrepreneur, Hope has long been a student of metaphysics and the healing arts. In addition to doing yoga daily since 1982, she became a certified massage therapist in 1992. These modalities further helped focus her lifelong ability to harness the power of intuition to assist her clients. During Hope’s Reiki sessions, clients lie down clothed on Hope’s massage table. Using Reiki and light massage techniques, she guides them to access deeper levels of what might be blocking their success. These sessions also include aromatherapy foot soaks, and a choice of Hope’s Chakra Candles to take home. There is an additional $100 for the Reiki service. Click here for details.